This Is The Day You Can Get The Best Prices At IKEA

While IKEA is already pretty affordable, what if we told you there was a specific day that you can find even lower prices? They sell a wide variety of items, from living room furniture to bedroom accessories and kitchen appliances — offering them all at diverse price points. These low prices are due to founder Ingvar Kamprad's frugal mindset, as well as IKEA's tactic of purchasing material in bulk to keep the prices of their products low, explains Ethical.

However low the prices are on a typical day at IKEA, we're always on the lookout for the best deals. By knowing which day you'll find the best prices, how you can obtain them, as well as the type of products you may find, you can save yourself some serious time and money. IKEA states that these deals will only last until the end of the year, so let's find out how to obtain them.

On Wednesdays, we save

IKEA is offering an extra 10% off on items in their As-Is department on Wednesdays, according to their website. However, this deal is only for those who are IKEA Family card holders. The As-Is department is where customers can find already discounted items that were returned, damaged, or discontinued, explains Deals Plus. If you're someone who dreads assembling furniture, you'll also like the fact that the furniture in this department is where most of the products have already been put together.

This essentially means that you can get an additional 10% off items that have already been discounted. If you're worried about items being damaged, IKEA says their employees look over the products to ensure they are still functional and safe. If you're planning on visiting the As-Is section, make sure to avoid the maze of displays and merchandise, and instead walk straight to the cash registers, as this department is usually right by them.