Is Marble Tile Going Out Of Style?

When pursuing a contemporary interior style, you might decide to install marble tile throughout your home. Marble is known to elevate the appearance of a home, making it look sophisticated, elegant, and luxurious. It has been used for centuries in prestigious homes and famous architectural buildings, such as the Parthenon in Athens, Greece, claims material distributor blog MSI. Even though marble tiles can transform a dull space, Artsaic claims they can be more expensive than other tiles, like porcelain tiles. Yet, folks tend to lean toward marble tiles for their durability and aesthetic.

Marble is timeless; it continues to stay on trend due to its sleek and opulent look. Switch out a mundane painted backsplash for marble tile in the kitchen, and you'll have a stylishly updated space. Pairing the backsplash with marble tile flooring will create a cohesive look in the kitchen if everything else, such as the countertops and cabinets, is kept simple enough to make the marble stand out.

It's better than traditional hardwood flooring

When deciding between installing marble flooring or hardwood flooring, there are a few things to consider. Since they each create a different appearance, figuring out how you want the overall look to be is crucial. Marble, as mentioned above, is lavish, while wood flooring is classic and rustic. It comes down to the details, which are worth more in the long run.

According to Express Flooring, marble is easier to maintain clean than hardwood flooring. Some ways to clean the marble include wiping it down regularly, re-polishing it every couple of years, and cleaning up after spills to prevent stains. While cleaning hardwood flooring can be painless, liquids can damage it over time, causing the wood to lift.

If you enjoy marble tile and hardwood flooring, opt for marble tile with wood accents throughout your home. Design blog Marmol suggests combining diamond wood-filled planks with marble tiles as a perfectly natural and fancy balance. Also, try marble tile flooring in the bathroom with wood cabinetry to capture a warm, delicate feel. 

Branch out using different finishes

Marble tiles might make a home resemble other interiors if they're the traditional white and gray finish, but to stray away from making your home look like a duplicate, use a different type of marble. Tile supplier Tino claims a recrystallization process creates different kinds of marble. Extreme temperature and pressure allow the minerals to be mixed to create unique marble. The final product is a new color and texture affecting the color of the marble's lines. For example, a type of gray marble is Pietra Grey (via Tino), a calcite marble with a darker gray, almost black appearance with thin white streaks going across it. Use it for a fireplace as a statement piece, and decorate it with neutral colors, like white, gray, and black, for a classic look. In addition, include minimal, bold colors, like green and gold, to add a pop of color. 

Guatemala Green marble is a dark green marble with darker and lighter shades throughout and bright white streaks across it, per Tino. Incorporate this bold tile into your living room, bathroom, or kitchen for a chic aesthetic. Decorate it with brass accents or white furniture for the marble to stand out. With endless colors and ways to style, marble tile will be around forever.