These 15 Renovations From David Bromstad's Color Splash Still Hold Up

Need some color inspiration for your home? You might consider exploring ideas from David Bromstad's style. Known for his eccentric sense of color play, Bromstad has years of expertise as an artist and designer helping clients achieve their renovation dreams. With popular HGTV shows like "My Lottery Dream Home" and the notable "Color Splash," the color visionary doesn't shy away from utilizing unique palettes. Whether through artwork, paint, paneling, or furnishings, he draws inspiration from unconventional places and continues to captivate homeowners.

What makes his work so extraordinary? For inspiration, the former "Design Star" winner often looks to nature, outdoor elements, and even hotel and restaurant designs. Depending on where you live, the surrounding city may also be a factor in determining design trends and colors within your home (via Aphro Chic). While Bromstad's color schemes are fresh and imaginative, he often makes a lasting impression by showcasing color through his original artwork in his client's design. From vibrant blues and reds to deep greens and purples, he knows playing with color isn't something to be timid about. Keep reading to discover some of David Bromstad's most innovative renovations.

Before: Unfinished living room

Before designer David Bromstad worked his magic on this living room, it appeared barren and unfinished. The walls were partially painted in a bright yellow while the rest was a dull white with little furniture and a covered fireplace.

After: Classic bold colors

The renovation showcases what Bromstad had described as elusive with bold use of color. With vibrant reds and blues, especially from the large sectional couch and chairs, the neoclassical style living room is lively and imaginative. Bromstad complemented the original French doors and wooden floors with gold and white elements, including the dazzling chandelier.

Before: Dreary bedroom

The bedroom also lacked color, decor, and any real style throughout. Basically just a bed in a room, it features dual windows, a neutral beige on the walls, and a closet in need of new life. Overall, the space requires color and charm to make it memorable.

After: Elegant blue walls

From top to bottom, the homeowner's bedroom received a complete transformation. Bromstad chose a light robin egg blue for the walls that contrasts elegantly against the white furniture and chandelier, including the cream pillows and window treatments, and brown rattan style bedframe.

Before: Pure white living spaces

Plain white covers the walls of both the living and dining room areas of this home, which belongs to two female roommates seeking more depth and sophistication in the bare spaces. White can be a good shade for a modern farmhouse look, but it needs something like fun furniture or texture to bring it to life.

After: Posh, sophisticated salon

The rich, sophisticated transformation is definitely noticeable in the living area by the deep aubergine on the walls, gold-colored trim on borders and frames, and the dark wood furnishings. Bromstad didn't leave out subtle feminine touches with splashes of pink in the pillows, chairs, and window, including the crystal chandelier and candle holders.

Before: Mid-century den

This unique space offers the homeowners a place for escape and relaxation with a fireplace and mid-century style furniture looking out to the backyard. The dark wood floor and funky wall elements give the room potential to become something a little more focused and personalized for the couple.

After: Modern Asian lounge

With a chic new look, this previously dull den is transformed into a vibrant space for the pair. Bromstad showcases a fiery orangish red inspired by the couple's Asian artwork throughout various elements in the room, including the pillows, vases, and additional artwork. Wood and stone elements were also added to update the fireplace for a modern yet tranquil feel.

Before: Loud red apartment

With lackluster red walls and furniture, this apartment falls short of what it was going for. Set up with a retro club in mind, the functionality may be lacking for the couple with its sizeable U-shaped couch, long television console, and small closed-off kitchen. Here, the balance between red and white may spark potential for the quaint apartment.

After: Eclectic apartment club

Keeping with both the couple's color scheme and club theme, Bromstad was able to maintain red in a more organized manner within the curtains, shag rugs, pillows, and walls. The white pops through the captivating crescent-shaped couch while it counterbalances with the other red and white features.

Before: Traditional brick fireplace

This cozy sitting and entertainment area features a brick fireplace as the focal point with built-in wood shelving, comfy furniture, and orange terracotta flooring. The color palette is neutral overall, with browns and tans, and the couple seeks more color and functionality within this minimal space.

After: Colorful desert vibe

As we've said, Bromstad is never timid about bringing color into the light. This renovated family room captures an aura of the Southwest's endless sky and sunsets. The textured walls are a vibrant cobalt blue to resemble the clear desert sky. They're complemented by an earthy tan couch and hues of red, yellow, and orange in the pillows and decor.

Before: Beige living room

This spacious family room has a lot of beige. From the couch to the carpet, including the walls and white brick fireplace, there's no defining style. The well-lit, open space has the potential to be warm and inviting and reflect the neighboring elements of San Francisco Bay.

After: Classic coastal vibe

While keeping the room traditional yet modern, Bromstad brings out colors of blue and red through the pillows, rug, and decor while enhancing a coastal vibe with the delicate curtains, tan furniture and trim, and warm glow from the rows of lamps. A light turquoise was chosen for the walls to mirror the surrounding sky and water.

Before: Pink floral dining room

This dining room requires a much-needed update. The overbearing pink floral pattern consumes the curtains, wallpaper, and chandelier lampshades. Feeling their space is outdated, the Lenn family envisions an art deco design with warm shades of red and yellow.

After: Warm, sophisticated glow

Modern and sophisticated, the dining room now showcases rich black and brown shades throughout, making the golden upholstered dining room chairs pop. A warm glow also emanates through the room from the candle sconces, chandeliers, and lamps, which radiate onto the white vases and wood-paneled walls. 

Before: Chaotic guest house

The Williams family needs their detached guest house decluttered and revived for potential guest use, outdoor storage, and recreation. With furniture, game tables, and toys present, the space needs restructuring and color. The red brick fireplace and flooring provide hope for this space as a cozy mountain retreat.

After: Colorful mountain retreat

Vibrant and comfortable, the new multi-functional space features culturally inspired patterns in the curtains and colors inspired by national parks through the blankets and pillows. Bromstad captured the essence of a mountain cabin retreat with the cool green walls and the established seating area around the inviting brick fireplace.

Before: Awkward master suite

The bed is the focal point within this master suite, as the homeowners and their children use the space to hang out and watch television. The walls and windows are plain and bare, although there's a captivating skylight and hardwood floors. Creating a comfortable retreat with more privacy is Bromstad's challenge.

After: California casual

Running on limited time, Bromstad pulled the bedroom together with a relaxed, bohemian flare by the layered throws and pillows, a tan jute rug, and mismatched storage trunks for bedside tables. Many textures and fabrics feature earthy tones like the brown Roman shades for added privacy, which complement the cool blue painted walls.

Before: Large unused bedroom

While this massive bedroom is fairly furnished with a bed, desk, cabinets, and curtains, the homeowners weren't utilizing the space as much as they hoped they would. With hardwood floors, painted walls and trim, and a spectacular chandelier, the roomy space has the potential to become something even better.

After: Centered office

While mixing red and gray with white, Bromstad has created an ultra-modern home office with a retro lounge flare. The red and white cabinetry offers plenty of storage, while the glass table has the homeowners to aim for their targets. The cool gray walls and rug dramatically contrast the bold red and white accents.

Before: Vintage combo bedroom

After the homeowners opened the wall of their small 1920s-era bedroom, the space featured two areas for improvements. Pictured here, one side had traditional bedroom furniture while the other was furnished with lounge furniture. The couple hoped to amp the dual space up with a coastal vibe.

After: Serene coastal cove

With faint, pastel blue painted elements, both rooms appear beachy yet casual and feature contrasting white details — including tan, brown, and blue colors in the decor and pillows. Bromstad achieves an adjoined oasis amidst a bedroom and sitting room with various textures, from the woven sisal chairs to the soft ambient lamplight.

Before: Lifeless pool patio

This backyard patio and pool can definitely use an upgrade in landscaping, furnishings, and the back wall, which lacks a thorough coat of paint. The outdoor space has a sturdy foundation among the home's structure and brick flooring. Now, it needs some lively color and furniture to make it a luxury oasis.

After: Elegant hotel resort

Bromstad leads the color scheme with a sunny shade of yellow, which is present through pillows, flowers, and his personalized fleur de lis artwork. Soft curtains flow from the canopy while a custom-made black and white cabana sits across the way. For additional elegance, several stone urns and obelisks encompass the pool, along with multiple entertaining areas.

Before: Old brown tile flooring

This drab front living room space dips down from the steps, and the homeowners want to transform it into a formal yet rustic spot. The walls are plain eggshell, and brown tile flooring extends to the dining room. Both spaces crave a remodel to showcase a French country motif.

After: Rustic formal sitting room

The updated living space features both masculine and feminine appeal, with purple accent furniture contrasting the gray and white color scheme in the walls and decor. Within the dining area, Bromstad covered the built-in shelves and walls with neutral gray while splashing purple elements through the artwork and dining chairs.

Before: Monochromatic main floor

Already an established home with modern black and white contrasts and posh furniture, the homeowners seek an entire first-floor makeover featuring woodsy elements from the "The Twilight Saga" series. Light and airy, the structure offers generous windows and space to transform within the living, dining, and foyer areas.

After: Sophisticated, forest-inspired home

Transporting the forest to the dining room, Bromstad's use of color emerges through the green moss-framed mirror and a custom tree stump wallcovering. The subtle, earthy colors contrast nicely with the black and white elements, including the stylish sitting room furniture, elegant dining room table, and the cascading, water-like chandelier.