These Are David Bromstad's Favorite Places To Look For Color Inspiration

When it comes to defining the dream aesthetic for your home, there are a lot of things to consider. First, you want to think about the overall style you'd like. For example, perhaps you adore mid-century modern spaces and want to include as many of those touches as possible. Or, maybe you're a maximalist with a penchant for Victorian architecture and patterns and want to pay tribute to these passions in your interiors.

No matter what style you prefer, however, there's one key factor everyone has to consider — color. Whether you go with earth tones and neutrals, a modern black and white palette, or embrace all things bold and colorful, you need to decide what the color palette for your home will be. Though there aren't technically any rules to make your home feel cohesive, Hey There Home recommends selecting between 3 and 5 colors to incorporate into your home's overall color palette.

If you're not sure what colors you're drawn to, it's time to seek out some inspiration. Interior designer David Bromstad shared a few places he loves looking for color inspiration with HGTV. And he even has a quick and easy tip for capturing anything that strikes your fancy — "carry a camera to take snapshots whenever you find the perfect combination," he advises. Read on to learn a few spots you may want to check out when seeking color inspiration.

Embrace the natural world

As Bromstad tells HGTV, "nature is the most amazing place for color inspiration since each season offers different and amazing color combinations." The best part is, whether you love vibrant shades or prefer things a bit more neutral, there's something in nature that will inspire you in your color search.

For example, as Amy Wax outlines, those who prefer neutral tones in their space may find inspiration in the sandy hues of a beach or may look to scenes from fall, when the color palette is often a bit more muted. Those who want their home to have a cool, crisp feel may find inspiration in winter scenes or mountain ranges, with shades of gray, blue, white, and even purple combining to form a perfect palette. On the opposite end of the spectrum, those seeking warm colors might just be inspired by the shades of a sunset or sunrise.

While many people immediately think of vibrant green shades or bright flowers, when considering color inspiration in nature, the reality is that there's a tremendous amount of variety. Once you narrow down whether you're looking for a warm or cool palette and whether you'd like neutrals or bold shades, you can try to find natural surroundings that spark inspiration in you. Some tools, like Sherwin-Williams' ColorSnap Visualizer, allow you to take photos and find paint swatches that pay tribute to your inspiration.

Get in touch with your inner fashionista

Our closets and the type of clothing we gravitate towards can be a great source of inspiration for a color palette we may love in our home. Robin Baron Design suggests looking to your closet for any patterns, textures, or colors that pop up over and over again. For example, if you have a ton of blue pieces, you may want to consider a palette incorporating at least one or two shades of blue in your home.

You may also want to go outside your closet and check out fashion magazines or runway shows to get some inspiration. As Bromstead admitted to HGTV, "my greatest color inspiration comes from fashion and magazines. It's the best way to stay on top of color trends and styles, since fashion is always the forefront of what then comes into interiors." For example, perhaps you're noticing a ton of blush pieces paired with dark, saturated accessories — you could easily translate that into pastel walls with black or navy blue accent pieces like throw pillows or rugs.

The fashion you're drawn towards may also hint at whether you want to go for a primarily neutral or bold palette. For example, those drawn to vibrant dresses in jewel tones may want to consider a bold wall color, while those who gravitate towards white and cream-colored pieces with colorful accessories may favor a neutral interior with pops of color in the accessories.

Survey your surroundings — no matter where you are

It's easy to imagine finding color inspiration in a scenic outdoor spot like a forest or beach while examining the luxurious looks at a haute couture show or flipping through a glossy magazine. However, don't discount the seemingly ordinary things around you — sometimes, inspiration can come from the most unexpected places. "All the colors you see in everyday life can be a part of your home," says Bromstad to HGTV. The trick is to keep your eyes open to inspiration at all times.

For example, maybe you'll end up struck by a particular vegetable at the farmers' market or some colorful packaging while wandering your local grocery store. If you live in a city without much natural inspiration in the form of greenery and flowers, you might find inspiration in the different materials and hues of the buildings around you or even the simple white, grey, and black tones of the city streets and sidewalks, which Bromstad says can combine to create "a surprisingly sophisticated interior."

If your everyday surroundings aren't sparking much inspiration, you may also want to consider a purposeful detour. Organise My House recommends popping by interior design shops and hotels, for example. Or, try visiting a local museum — perhaps a particular painting will resonate with you and offer a jumping-off point to determine your home's color palette.