House Digest Survey: Which Bonus Room Do People Really Want In Their Homes?

Most people opt to buy a home to have space to spread out. Not only do they want to have bedrooms for themselves, their family, and visiting friends, but they also want space for all their activities and interests. That's why many people look for homes with bonus rooms.

A bonus room is defined as a room that isn't a bathroom, kitchen, hallway, family room, or closet, according to Home Light. Bonus rooms also don't qualify as legal bedrooms because bedrooms need to have a certain minimum square footage, ceiling height, a closet, door, and window.

Bonus rooms can be spaces over a garage, loft space, attic, or basement. With a bonus room, the possibilities are endless for what you can use it for. But what do House Digest readers want to turn their bonus room into? House Digest conducted a survey, and the results are in. Nearly a quarter agree on what bonus room they want in their home.

Watching in style

The top choice for a bonus room is a home theater, according to House Digest readers. Of the 627 total respondents, 154, or 24.56% of the vote, said they would want to use a bonus room as a home theater. Whether you're a movie buff or just like watching your favorite television show in style, a home theater is a great addition. A home theater is also highly customizable; you can put as many or as few features in the room as you please.

The low-end cost of a home theater falls around $10,000, while the high-end can be as much as $90,000, according to Fixr. Low-end home theaters have basic equipment like a projector or speaker system. They also don't have any seat risers or might only have a comfortable sofa. And soundproofing is at a minimum, which means you could hear the movie or show elsewhere in the home. However, high-end home theaters can have a state-of-the-art visual and sound system, lighting, soundproofing, and theater-style seating, including risers.

A space for hobbies

It's not surprising that people want a space for their hobbies and interest, which is why the next most popular bonus rooms make sense. Second, third, and fourth place are all pretty close in votes. The runner-up for how to use a bonus room is a man cave. 106 respondents said they'd turn a bonus room into a man cave, that's 18.98% of the vote. Man caves are essentially a retreat away from the rest of the home to go and relax. These rooms typically have entertainment centers with large, comfortable sofas. They may also have pool or poker tables, says Murphy Door, or a beer fridge and bar.

Close behind in third place is a craft room with 106 respondents or 16.91% of the votes. These rooms often have plenty of storage and a workbench that allows homeowners to get creative and partake in their hobbies. And on the heels of a craft room is a home gym with 100 responses or 15.95% of the vote. An open room is a perfect place for a treadmill, exercise bike, or free weights. Other responses include a home office with 77 responses, or 12.28% of the vote, and a children's playroom with 71 responses, or 11.32% of the vote.