35 Home Gym Ideas That Will Inspire You To Work Out

When it comes to working out, finding the time to do it is the hardest part if you have a busy schedule. Mayo Clinic suggests working out for at least 30 minutes a day to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Movement throughout the day regardless of how long you do it can reduce stress, stimulate endorphins, and give your body energy to get you through your day. Exercising also betters your mental health by distracting you from any anxiety or negative thoughts and boosting feel-good chemicals in the brain, according to Verywell Mind.

Gym memberships can be so costly nowadays that it can be unmotivating to get any sort of exercise in, so creating a home gym can boost motivation. Whether it's your garage, an office room, or the corner of your bedroom, any space will do with a little fixing up and organizing. Here are 35 ideas to give you inspiration for your own home gym.

Office gym space

Adding some simple workout equipment, such as a yoga mat, a couple of weights, and an elliptical machine, to your office can be a great way to motivate yourself to move a little during your breaks if you sit all day working on your computer. You can accompany a 10-minute YouTube video or do a HIIT workout. 

Backyard sanctuary

If you have enough space in your backyard to install a shed or an extra storage space to create your home gym, then you can include a variety of equipment to have more options for your workouts. It provides the feeling of being at a separate gym while also letting the outdoors in with the floor-to-ceiling glass doors.

Spare room home gym

Using any spare room as your main place to set up your equipment can be useful since you won't have to leave it lying around in a common area. This room has enough space for a bike and an arm press machine along with a few free weights. 

Fully equipped home gym

Home gyms that are decorated to look like a regular gym are amazing because you get the same feel as a real one. This home gym is located in a massive room and holds a squat rack, an elliptical machine, various balance trainers, and a mat to do body weight exercises; it truly has it all. 

Visual focus home gym

Adding some fun colors and designing a mural for your home gym can create a feeling of serenity when you're working out. You can focus on the fun wall rather than the tough workout — it's a great distraction to make it go by faster. Using some light colors such as pink, blue, and yellow are known to be calming and stress reducing as well, per Moffitt Cancer Center

Home gym with a view

Using a room that has one or multiple windows for your home gym allows in natural sunlight that can boost your energy. It also gives you a view of your surroundings so that you're not staring at a single wall the entire time you're working out. 

Garage gym

If you have extra space in your garage or you don't use your garage as storage or to park your cars, then you can transform it into a home gym. Your equipment won't take up any space inside your home, and visitors don't step foot inside so it can be as messy as you'd like it to be. 

Basic home gym

Renovating a room into a fully equipped gym can cost thousands of dollars, but in reality you only need a few things to get a good workout in. This standard room has a stair master machine, yoga ball, and an adjustable flat bench that you could use with a few free weights. 

Jungle gym

For folks who have a massive backyard, you have the luxury to turn it into your own personal jungle gym. Installing a squat rack with a place for multiple plates and free weights can make your outdoor workout more fun.

Home gym and hang out spot

A little room goes a long way in your home, so if you don't want to dedicate one room to your workout space, you can combine it with another. This one has an armchair with a few movie posters, making it the perfect hang-out spot. Some free weights and a yoga ball on a large mat make it a home gym too. 

Basement gym

Using a basement as your home gym is like using your garage, except oftentimes a basement has more space to install more machines. This room has a squat rack with plates hung on the wall and a yoga mat in the corner next to a machine. There's also a cool wooden plyo box that can be used for a HIIT workout. 

Mid-century modern gym

This mid-century, modern room has mahogany wood flooring with an oak wood ceiling. The massive window makes the space look airy and bright with views of the trees and bushes. There's minimal equipment, including a bike and elliptical, which are pretty popular in regular gyms. 

Attic gym

This stunning attic gym is a dream gym with a punching bag, elliptical, barbell bench, and arm dual exercise machine. The interior with the charcoal wood wall and maple wood ceiling complement one another. There's also a storage wall with shelving units holding various file boxes and miscellaneous items. 

Modern gym

This home gym truly has a place for everything from the accessory rack in the corner where the handles and extra plates are held to the dumbbell set located in the center of the room. The double tiled floor gives the room texture and the burnt orange wall some color. The cool feature is the multiple lights attached to the ceiling. 

Blue home gym

This blue-inspired home gym has amazing features in addition to the exercise equipment, including blue cabinets and a sink. You'll be able to store any mats or bands out of sight and splash some water on your face as needed. The floor-to-ceiling mirror located across from the machines makes it easy to check yourself out as you exercise while also making the room appear bigger.

Living room home gym

If you're trying to reduce your television time, installing a few machines such as an elliptical, treadmill, or barbell bench can make that happen. With views of a lake, it'll make the time pass quickly and then you'll have a couch to rest on after your workout. 

Light-filled home gym

This home gym is located in a room with great lighting and filled with a variety of equipment. The equipment is spread throughout the room so that it doesn't look cluttered and unorganized. There's a pull-up bar attached to the ceiling that doesn't go unnoticed. 

Contemporary home gym

This luxurious home gym has a navy blue interior with two huge mirrors and attractive wall art. Without the gym equipment, you wouldn't be able to tell it was meant for a home gym. Even the equipment fits the aesthetic of the room with the white barbell rack and wood-base bench. 

Monochromatic home gym

This beautiful home gym has emerald green walls with a scalloped green velvet chair and a set of French doors that lead out to the woods. The equipment consists of a single squat bar and a barbell. This lavish room may be motivation enough for a workout.

Sunroom gym

The beauty of sunrooms is being able to design them in any way you'd like. This sunroom gym is surrounded by windows, allowing in natural sunlight at all hours of the day. The downside is there may not be a lot of space to fill it with equipment, but a few machines will suffice. 

Black interior gym

While black walls and flooring can make a room appear darker, this home gym is located in the garage, which brings in plenty of natural light. There is also a light fixture. It's made for a pro with the squat rack, multiple plates and medicine balls, and a flat bench. The plants give the space a nice touch of natural life.

Boxing room

If you're into CrossFit training and boxing rather than weightlifting, then you can set up a punching bag anywhere you have space for it. This room also has its own mat, a medicine ball, and a jump rope to engage in different exercises. 

Rock climbing wall gym

Another perfect strength training activity that doesn't include lifting weights is rock climbing. Installing a rock climbing wall in one of your hallways indoors or outdoors is a great idea — you can also put in some monkey bars with extra rings to make the exercise harder, and a rope to climb. 

Accent wall home gym

To spruce up a boring room without bright colors, consider installing a textured accent wall. This gray brick accent wall complements the chevron oak flooring and light gray walls. The room doesn't have too much equipment but could be used for a variety of exercises. 

Small room

This small space holds a treadmill and bike machine with a yoga mat in the center, all facing a television to watch a show or workout video. You never need every machine your local gym has to reach your goals; consistency is what's most important. 

Industrial style home gym

This stunning industrial-style gym has complete oak wood walls with cement wainscoting and a wood panel ceiling with LED focal lights. There are two bikes as well as a couple of benches against a wooden panel. It also has a few dumbbells and plates hung on the wall next to a clock to time your workouts. 

Yoga room

If you enjoy yoga above everything else then buying a yoga mat, yoga ball, and a couple of blocks will hardly take up any space, allowing you to use any place in your home to exercise. Although this room is large without any equipment, it allows in a lot of natural light to help make the space feel peaceful. 

Corner space

If you don't want any equipment blocking or near your furniture, you can place it in a corner of any room you decide. It'll keep all your things together without overcrowding the space. This home gym has a tack on the wall to hang the rope instead of being on the floor.

Wall storage

Keeping your workout items in a basket on the floor can take up space depending on its size, and if you don't have that many items, you can use a shelving unit to hang all of them. This wooden shelving unit is perfect to store resistance bands, a yoga mat, weights, and blocks. 

Luxurious home gym

Making your home gym look better than your local gym will motivate you to use it more. This home gym features a beautifully lit backdrop against the wall in front of a gray couch. The treadmill and weight rack are behind the couch, and the room is perfectly divided between the equipment and resting area. 

Rustic home gym

The brick wall gives this home gym a rustic look, especially with the brick trim that travels to the other walls. It's equipped with a variety of heavy plates, dumbbells, and barbells. The wall is used to store items to keep the space clean and organized. 

Pop of purple

If your home has an open layout, then you can definitely divide the space up equally to be able to fit your style of a home gym with some color. This home incorporates purple as its main focus, making the room feel calm, which is perfect for yoga.

Patio home gym

Your patio could be the award-winning spot to have all your exercise necessities if you have enough space. This patio holds multiple plates, a yoga mat, and a deadlift bar. It could most likely house a stair master or treadmill as well, if desired.

Touch of green

While most home gyms have regular cement or wood flooring, adding a turf lawn can take it to the next level. It comes in different sizes, so you don't have to be confined to using a yoga mat for floor exercises. It also adds some color to a plain room. 

Abstract gym

If you're not a huge fan of murals or accent walls, you can try painting an abstract design on all the walls to make the room feel funky and different. This space also holds various machines, including a stationary bike, barbell bar, and an inclined bench. The walls house plate weights to keep from taking up space.