What Is A FROG Room In A House?

When prospective buyers see the term FROG room, some are bound to imagine a room furnished with lily pads and pond water that's perfectly suitable for an army of everyone's favorite hopping amphibians. Fortunately, FROG is an acronym for Finished Room Over Garage, and these rooms are much more hospitable to people than frogs. However, since FROG room is largely a colloquial term (per Beverly-Hanks Realtors), there tends to be some confusion about its true meaning.

Some homes on the market have a finished room over the garage that is listed as a bedroom due to the room having a closet, window, and closable door. However, if the room lacks any of the those features, it's likely listed instead as a FROG room. FROG rooms are highly sought after by potential homeowners due to their versatile nature. Since these rooms can be used for work, play, or as a cozy guest room, they can help properties sell quickly and for a desirable price, especially in regions where they're common.

How to use your FROG room

The best use for a FROG room is usually determined by the unique needs of the homeowner. Many people use their extra room for their passions, such as arts and crafts or other hobbies. However, those who frequently entertain overnight guests may use theirs as a guest room. Of course, homeowners who like to entertain but are short on space can invest in a sofa bed so that their FROG room can serve as a guest room when necessary, but also serve a secondary purpose.

According to Closet Factory, the long and narrow design of the average FROG room lends itself to some fun and creative uses as well. For instance, most FROG rooms should have no issues fitting a standard sized pool table or ping pong table for families who enjoy a bit of in-home recreation. However, if your home lacks ample closet space, you may prefer to transform your extra room into an oversized closet where you can fit your entire wardrobe, all of your linens, and a makeup table or vanity.

Issues with FROG rooms

When looking for a new home that features a FROG room, one important consideration to investigate is how well the room has been weatherized. If the garage allows cold and hot air to pass through it, it's bound to affect the temperature in the room above it, especially if its floor lacks sufficient insulation, explains Weatherization Plus. Also, even if the weather outside is comfortable, you may catch a whiff of the garage below if it's used to store anything particularly pungent, like a week's worth of trash.

A non-weatherized FROG room can be a burden on your HVAC system and your home's monthly heating bill, so be sure that you get all the facts about a home's setup before you sign on the dotted line. While an electric wall heater can help keep the temperature comfortable in an uninsulated room during the colder months, this can be a costly long-term solution. As such, opting for a home where the FROG room is properly insulated is always a smart idea.