20 Ways To Bring Romantic, Baroque-Inspired Vibes Into Your Bedroom

If you want the place where you live to truly feel like your castle, then you might appreciate elegant interior design and ways to add hints of glamour to your home. If that's the case, then you might also want to center your décor around a beautiful baroque style.

An aesthetic and influence that first became popular in Italy back in the 17th century, it continued to dominate the preference of taste-makers throughout Europe in the 18th century, according to the Victoria and Albert Museum. Meant to capture the viewer's attention and target a person's senses, feelings, and thoughts at the same time, the style was anything but subtle and perhaps almost overwhelming. Because of that, baroque is also a word that's used to describe things that are extravagant, embellished, and wonderfully ornate, per Thesaurus.com. Think along the lines of a dreamy room where you could sink into the luxury of the surroundings and embrace the romantic ambiance. That's why it's a style that works so well in a bedroom.

If that piques your interest, then go ahead and take a peek at these ideal ways to bring romantic, baroque-inspired vibes into your bedroom.

1. Ornate bed

The saying might tell you to go big or go home but when it comes to choosing a bed that has a baroque look to it, then you'll definitely want to go big in your home. Indeed, opt for a bedframe and headboard that are as large as you can fit into your room and boast plenty of details.

2. Beautiful blankets

Dress up the bed in your dreamy room with a beautiful blanket that enhances the look of your elegant space. While you can choose soft blankets, cooling blankets, or weighted blankets to use as you sleep, you can also pick out a blanket with baroque-like intricate designs to place on your bed when you're not in it.

3. Luxurious pillows

Your baroque-worthy bed set-up wouldn't be complete without pillows. When it comes to a refined room, you'll need more than just pillows to use at night. You'll also want to have separate pillows that are divine and decorative. With that in mind, look for ones that are luxurious to touch and just as fabulous to look at.

4. Stunning lamps

Light up the look of your bedroom while also providing the space with potentially needed illumination by placing lamps in key spots. Consider smaller tabletop lamps beside your bed or larger full-sized lamps for dark corners. Either way, the kind of baroque lamps you'll adore in your home can feature amazing shapes, delightful designs, and stunning embellishments.

5. Elegant chandelier

If you don't have space for lamps in your bedroom or want to add more light and glamour to the space, then you can put up a chandelier. While you'll want to make sure that it doesn't hang down too close to your bed, the lavish light fixture will add a true sense of grandeur to the room.

6. Eye-catching rug

While a rug is meant to be used beneath your feet, this particular rug that's been used along with an equally stylish space also catches your eye. In the same way that this example boasts an intricate design, you'll want to find anything that offers you a classic pattern that sticks with fancy loops, decorative swoops, and artistic florals.

7. Stylish chair

A chair may be something that you think of as purely functional. However, when it comes to finding seating options for your baroque-inspired bedroom, you'll want the chair to be incredibly stylish. That's why you should aim to try to track down a chair that features an ornate frame along with fabric that's both plush and posh.

8. Bold curtains

The window treatments you put up can make a big impact on a space if you let them. To ensure that they don't get lost among the other ornate details in your bedroom, you'll need to choose bold curtains. This might mean ones that feature a fierce pattern or ones that reach from the floor to the ceiling.

9. Magnificent mirror

If you tend to get ready in your bedroom or want a way to make it look bigger along with adding another hint of baroque style, then a mirror might be just what you need. Although a small mirror may suit your practical requirements, a mirror that's on the larger side will work better with an ornate space.

10. Dainty vanity

A vanity can also be handy to have in your bedroom when it comes to getting ready for the day while also being a piece of furniture that can be overtly ornate. Opt for a delicate-looking piece that features enviable details such as gold handles, details that have been carved by hand, and a glass top.

11. Exquisite wallpaper

When you think of fancy wallpaper, there's a chance that your mind immediately wanders to a damask design. Of course, while there's no doubt that a damask wallpaper would be an incredible choice for a baroque-inspired bedroom, you could also opt for a range of designs as long as you go with one that's both classic and exquisite.

12. Fancy nightstands

If you need a place to keep a glass of water close by overnight or want to place a tabletop lamp beside your bed, then you might want a couple of nightstands. While modern nightstands can be slim and angular, you'll likely find that sturdier, curvier, and refined ones are more appropriate for a baroque bedroom.

13. Opulent benches

Your bedroom bench doesn't have to be boring. Instead, find a bench that has the same luxurious benefits that a good chair or bed will provide. Along with giving you a place to rest, a bench — or multiple benches — can also be nice to both touch and look at if it features fine fabrics and a stunning frame.

14. Classic armoire

An armoire is a great addition to your bedroom if you need more space for your clothes and want another piece of fabulously elegant furniture. Available in different sizes and designs, you could find a newer item that embraces a baroque aesthetic or, if you're lucky, you might be able to find an antique armoire for your home.

15. Baroque-ish painting

When you think of creativity that has a distinctive baroque style, then you might think about music, architecture, and art. If you happen to adore the latter, then you might want to add a baroque — or baroque-ish — painting in your bedroom. Look for pieces that feature lifelike classical figures, idyllic yet realistic landscapes, and obvious masterful touches.

16. Baroque-like sculpture

Paintings aren't the only kind of baroque-inspired art that you can feature in your bedroom. Add to the impressive and creative atmosphere by including a sculpture in the space. Baroque sculptures boast the same features as paintings from the period, including realistic figures that are often breathtakingly beautiful. Although, FYI, they often have much of their bodies exposed.

17. Striking fireplace

Having a fireplace in your bedroom will immediately take the romantic vibe and elegant ambiance of the space up a notch or two. However, a baroque-inspired fireplace that features stylish details such as sides that mimic classic columns and a mantel with dazzling swirling designs could be the flashy and fiery touch that your room needs.

18. Glamorous dresser

If you'd love to add a dresser to your baroque-inspired room, then you'll definitely need one that suits the ornate space. Another piece of furniture that you could try to track down at an antique market, you could also opt for a modern dresser that has charming carvings as well as elegant handles, and even an aged look.

19. Refined wall molding

Molding on the walls can make pretty much any room look refined. The added details can be anything from seemingly straightforward lines to impressively intricate artistic designs. For your baroque-inspired space, you may want to consider options such as fancy crown molding around the top of the room or lovely wainscoting midway down the walls.

20. Dignified desk

Whether you need a spot in your bedroom to work from home or want somewhere to jot down notes to yourself as soon as you hop out of bed for the day, a desk is an ideal option. A dedicated workspace can also fulfill your baroque-loving preferences if it features a fancy design and meticulously added accents.