5 Reasons Why A Sleeper Sofa Is A Savvy Choice For Your Home

Whether your in-laws are visiting from out of state or an old friend is dropping by for the weekend, it never hurts to have an extra bed where guests can spend a relaxing night in comfort. However, not every homeowner has the space, budget, or desire for a dedicated guest room. Enter the sleeper sofa, a convertible piece of furniture with a pull-out mattress that can be conveniently hidden when not needed. Unlike their dorm-friendly cousin, the futon, sleeper sofas possess a dedicated mattress, per Sleepers in Seattle, making them much more comfortable than budget-minded futons.

Sleeper sofas tend to get a bad rap by some homeowners who deem the versatile piece of furniture not quite as luxurious or desirable as either high-end beds or sofas. However, while this may be true about some sleeper sofas on the market, it's impossible to deny that there are also compelling reasons that homeowners should invest in a quality sleeper sofa. Modern sleeper sofas have a lot to offer homeowners who frequently entertain overnight company, from their space-saving designs, impressive comfort, affordability, and versatile style options.

1. They save space in your home

Most of us don't live in homes that have more rooms than we know what to do with. For this reason, finding space for a dedicated guest bedroom can be difficult. Luckily, due to their unique multifunctional designs, sleeper sofas can be employed even in homes with limited free space. In fact, they are a perfect choice for one-bedroom and studio apartments, per Mor Furniture, where furnishing a dedicated guest room is out of the question.

For this reason, many homeowners living in small homes or apartments employ a sleeper sofa in their living room to have a convertible bed for overnight guests without wasting functional space. Thankfully, there are plenty of highly comfortable sleeper sofas on the market that is every bit as cozy as conventional sofas, so you won't have to sacrifice your comfort for that of potential guests. While a quality sleeper sofa might cost a little more than a comparably-sized conventional sofa, most homeowners will find the multifunctional design worth the additional cost.

2. They can be incredibly comfortable

Even if your home has a dedicated guest room, you never know when a special occasion will necessitate additional sleeping arrangements for overnight guests. While a trundle bed might work for children who wish to sleep near their parents, it's not an ideal option for adults who stay overnight. On the other hand, a sleeper sofa is probably the most comfortable temporary sleeping option at your disposal, especially when using an air mattress, a cot, or the floor. Thus, even homeowners with a guest room can find much value in owning a sleeper sofa for occasions that go above and beyond a single guest bed.

If tasked with choosing your guest bed or sleeper sofa for a comfortable night's rest, some guests may prefer the sleeper sofa. According to Circle Furniture, several ultra-luxurious comfort sleepers on the market utilize a sturdy platform and high-density foam to rival the comfort of a high-end bed and mattress. While most comfort sleepers won't come cheap, they're an enticing option for homeowners who want their unexpected guests to rest as comfortably as possible.

3. They're surprisingly affordable

According to Circle Furniture, a sleeper sofa probably won't be your most affordable option if you're shopping for a new couch. To make matters worse, like most home furniture, sleeper sofas have seen their average prices increase in recent years, although this can be said about most items in your home. A sleeper sofa can save you a nice chunk of change, especially when purchasing a brand new guest bed and mattress.

While it's true that a high-end comfort sleeper can cost as much as a used car with plenty of miles left to give, there are far more affordable options available for budget-savvy homeowners. A glance at several leading furniture stores reveals a wide assortment of inviting sleeper sofas between $1,000 and $1,500 and several budget models for around $800. Compared to everything you'll need for a new guest bed, some homeowners are likely to save money or break even by opting for a sleeper sofa that strikes their fancy.

4. They can provide extra storage space

Which homeowner doesn't appreciate additional storage space? Many sleeper sofas provide easy-access storage that is perfect for stowing pillows, linens, and other essentials. While an impressive storage capacity is more common in sectional sleeper sofas, such as these from Living Spaces, it's pretty easy to find more conventional models that allow you to store all the bedding you'll need for an overnight guest. Some homeowners use the extra storage space for seasonal items such as cozy electric blankets, whereas others use it to store anything they'd like to keep out of sight and out of mind.

Generally speaking, a sleeper sofa that sports a good deal of storage space will usually cost a few hundred dollars more than comparable models that allow you to store little more than a comforter and a pillow. However, whether you plan on keeping your sleeper sofa in your living room or guest room, you're likely to be able to put the extra storage space to excellent use.

5. They're astonishingly versatile

If you're in the market for a sleeper sofa for your home, you certainly aren't limited in terms of sizes, styles, materials, and features. In fact, as with many furniture purchases, your budget will be the main factor that determines what models you can choose. As such, if you've got a little extra cash to invest in a premium sleeper sofa, per AFW, you can enjoy elegant materials such as fine leather or push velvet. On the other hand, budget-conscious homeowners will likely gravitate toward versatile fabrics such as microfiber or synthetic leather.

In addition to sectional sleeper sofas that sport built-in storage space, you can find sleeper sofas in almost any imaginable style. From sleek mid-century modern sleeper sofas to models that utilize a classic Chesterfield-inspired design, a sleeper sofa can be seamlessly integrated with your existing décor. Those seeking something stylistically versatile are bound to appreciate the options made available by sleeper sofas compared to futons and daybeds.