5 Essentials You Need For Your Guest Bedroom

As you think about your guest's time in your home, the reason for their visit, and perhaps what you can show them around town, also consider how you can shape their experience starting right from the bedroom. Primer Magazine says preparation and attention to detail are key to being a perfect host. How guests feel in the room is a big part of how they feel during their stay, so it's good to invest in their experience.

There are various ways you can show thoughtfulness and make your guests feel welcome in your home. When it comes to décor, Gabby suggests making the bed the focal point, as well as the sitting area, if you have enough space. However, more ensures your guest bedroom is as welcoming as possible. Whether it's overnight or for multiple days at a time, here are the clever essentials you need for your guest bedroom to ensure a comfortable stay.

1. Ample space

When planning a guest bedroom, a clear and open space is essential because it is one of the main ways your guest will feel welcome. A guest already knows they are taking up space in a place that isn't theirs, and not having enough areas for themselves or their belongings will emphasize that. Instead, ensure that the site feels comfortable and keep the closets clear for whatever they bring. This will make your guest feel less like they are intruding and more like they have a place in the home.

You should also avoid clutter in this space. Guest bedrooms and basements are the usual spots for storing away excess stuff and the things you don't often use to make room in the rest of the house. However, guests shouldn't feel like they are right amid your belongings. To maximize the space in a way that works for both you and your guest, ShelfGenie suggests being creative with how you store things. Consider under-bed storage or floor-to-ceiling cabinets. To save space, you can also use smaller or less furniture than you would in a regular bedroom.

2. Good furniture

Unsurprisingly, good furniture and accessories are essential for a guest bedroom. They fulfill many functions while also decorating the room. Dressers, drawers, and chests can keep belongings away when they aren't needed. Bedside tables can bring things within reach, provide storage space, and hold other useful items like a clock and a bedside light. No matter the furniture, it gives convenience for the guest using the room.

Having a nice, comfortable chair can also allow the guest to sit down and relax somewhere apart from the bed. They will really appreciate this space if they have something to read or any work to do. Other accessories that can improve the experience include a full-length mirror so they can check their appearance and hooks for anything they might need to hang up. You can also add a touch of creativity and character to the room with art, plants, and well-done pops of color, suggests Comfort Design.

3. Comfortable bed

An uncomfortable bed can negatively impact your experience when you're away from home. This is why a cozy bed is one of the most important things you need for your guest bedroom. Investing in a good bed, from the mattress to the frame, is essential. According to Healthline, a quality mattress with a medium level of firmness is what a person needs to get good, comfortable sleep. If the bedroom is small, ShelfGenie suggests using a daybed or sofa sleeper. Just make sure the portable bed you get is one of the comfortable ones!

In addition to the bed, quality bedding is how you ensure your guest has a good stay. The sheets and covers should be breathable, cozy, and also in layers, so the guest has the option to sleep as light or as bundled up as they want. Keep the designs simple and maintain a neutral color scheme so your guest feels calm and relaxed instead of overwhelmed. There should also be extra linens in the cabinets that are easily accessible in case they need them.

4. Access to technology

Whether by plugging in your phone or getting the Wi-Fi password, being connected is very important in a new environment. Technology and entertainment that is accessible are essential for your guest bedroom. Share the internet and Wi-Fi information so that they can easily connect. If you can put in a TV, make sure you leave the remote and any other accessories with clear instructions on how to operate it.

If possible, the room should have easily accessible power outlets and extra chargers on the nightstand. This can be a lifesaver if your guest doesn't have their phone charger with them. Plug adapters are also great if you receive international guests whose chargers may not work with your outlets, mentions Guesty. If you're really into modern home technology, consider upgrades like smart lighting and heating. Controlling the light and temperature levels is a great way to influence the mood of the house, so take advantage of that.

5. Goodies

To make your guest feel welcome, add a personal touch to the guest bedroom with a goodie bag. This bag can contain various items, from must-haves to nice-to-haves. Must-haves are the things a guest might forget but certainly needs, like a toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, or shampoo. Other toiletries, towels, and a first-aid kit are great things to stock the guest bedroom with. Some items that aren't always necessary but nice to have include a hairdryer, a map, and a backpack, via Guesty. You can also keep things that suit the weather, like flip-flops, sunscreen, and umbrellas.

Snacks and refreshments are some goodies that will be well-appreciated. Having water bottles and some treats in the room will be very convenient for the guest who might not want to leave the room at night, says DIYs. Other items like books, games, or even a cozy pair of socks will make your guest bedroom feel comfortable and welcoming.