5 Savvy Solutions For Organizing Your Pet Supplies

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You love your furry friends and want to keep them fed, watered, groomed, and rolling in toys, but their supplies can build up. Finding a place to store your pet's items can be tough, especially if you own multiple animals or have a smaller space. With some simple adjustments and savvy additions, you can carve out room for their belongings without having to give up human storage areas. Organizing your pet's toys, food, and accessories will also give you peace of mind.

One of the first steps to preparing to organize pet supplies is to properly sort through everything, including old medications, grooming supplies, and bedding. Make categories, such as food and treats, toys, and leashes, collars, and harnesses. According to Ultimate Pet Nutrition, sifting through everything first and making piles will help you get an idea of what is there and what kind of storage is needed. Then, follow these useful tips and tricks for organizing your pet's belongings.

1. Store food in plastic tubs

One of the easiest ways to keep your pet supplies organized is to purchase clear containers. These will become your new best friends when it comes to pet food storage. Buy matching Tupperware or containers to keep everything looking uniform, and refill them whenever you stock up on edible items to save room and remove clutter. If you buy in bulk, store excess food in larger plastic tubs that also feature a lid in order to keep excess moisture and bugs out. You can then fill up the smaller containers from the larger ones whenever necessary. These items can all be stacked and easily slot into closets, above washing machines, or under counters.

Making sure the tubs are airtight is important for a variety of reasons, including preventing contamination, rodent control, and keeping pets from getting into them unsupervised. According to Petco, these types of containers also keep kibble and dry foods fresh. The website notes you can stick the entire bag of food inside a plastic tub, which will prevent it from going stale too quickly. If you tend to keep pet food and treats outside, the airtight lids will protect against the elements, too.

2. Keep toys in cloth bins

If you love buying your pets new toys, there might be everything from tennis balls to stuffed plushies strewn across every room and surface of your home. The whole point of these goodies is to entertain, but it can look a little messy when there is nowhere for all of these items to go at the end of the day. Instead of leaving them in a pile or throwing them in a corner, head to Target or Walmart and pick up a few canvas bins or boxes. These collapsable containers are the perfect place to put every toy imaginable, and they even act as a form of entertainment.

Pets will love being able to pull their toys out or dig for their favorites, and these convenient holders can fit almost anywhere. Place them under tables, in empty corners, or between furniture to keep everything accessible but out of the way. Chewy notes that you can even mix and match containers, using wicker baskets for softer toys and canvas bins for frisbees, balls, and other rubber items.

3. Hang leashes and collars

Door hangers aren't just for human accessories. In fact, installing a hanger on the back of a closet door is the ideal place to hang leashes and collars, making them easily accessible for walks and errands. Harnesses, bandanas, and a variety of other items can be placed there too, which will give you a place to keep all pet accessories that aren't treats, food, or toys.

It might be useful to keep a fanny pack or bag on the hooks filled with clean-up bags, treats, and a portable water dish, so these items are close and ready. When it comes to getting your pet ready for a car ride, walk, or adventure, it can be a busy and sometimes stressful endeavor. Taking the guesswork out of where each necessity is kept will make the process more smooth, allowing you and your pet to get out the door quickly and efficiently. According to Pets Plus Magazine, you can have fun with the hooks and hangers, even using children's hangers to showcase harnesses and accessories or using a wooden ladder propped against a wall for leashes and collars.

4. Allocate a pet station

It can be standard practice to store items in different areas of your home, for example, pet food in the pantry or garage and grooming materials in a closet or under a sink. However, instead of spreading out your supplies, it might be helpful to allocate an area specifically for your pet's belongings. Keeping everything together and easily accessible will make it easier for you to grab whatever you need whenever you need. Another benefit of a pet supply spot is the ability to see when items are running low with a quick glance. This section might also be useful for house sitters or guests who come and help out with the animals.

Picking the perfect space will depend on you, but areas like the laundry room, pantry, or a designated cabinet in the kitchen are all prime places to keep everything. According to Redfin, one of the easiest ways to incorporate a pet supply area into any room of the house is by purchasing furniture that can double as storage. Ottomans, TV stands, and even footstools can provide a place to keep everything from brushes and leashes to toys and accessories.

5. Invest in clever creations

Being savvy when it comes to organizing your pet supplies isn't just about finding the right location or investing in nice baskets, boxes, or containers. Finding clever hacks that allow you to disguise or store more than meets the eye is essential if you want to keep your home looking clutter-free. One example is the Molly Mutt dog bed which also acts as a catch-all for blankets, pillows, and throws that aren't being used at the moment. In between seasons, you can place thicker or thinner quilts or old pillows inside the dog bed cover, which protects the interior and creates a cozy place to relax for your pet. The website also notes that by choosing the option you can fill with your own belongings, you are helping fight landfill waste.

Buying dishes, beds, and even pools that can be broken down or rolled up when they aren't being used are great ways to store excess items, so look for bigger pieces that can be dismantled or disassembled. Amazon has a collapsable pool that doesn't need to be inflated and folds up when empty. This can be stored anywhere when it isn't full of water, making it the ideal addition to any home with water-loving animals.