5 Storage Ideas To Keep Your Pet Supplies In Perfect Order

You've probably mastered the technique of storing everything in your home; your food is organized in containers in your fridge, you went full feng shui in your pantry, your closet is super organized with bins, and your blankets have a home in a basket in the living room. Using storage containers keeps your home looking like a clean and tidy masterpiece, which can feel like a small miracle when you have little ones running around. Keeping every part of your home organized and neat reduces stress and helps you sleep better at night, according to SelectHealth. And since you have less mess to worry about, you're able to be more productive when it comes to important tasks.

One thing that may have not yet crossed your mind is your pet supplies. While our furry friends don't have the ability to clean up after themselves, organizing their supplies makes it easier for us to clean up after them.

Pets become part of the family from the moment they walk through the front door. You buy them everything they need from toys to food to hair care, so why not make sure their things are kept just as organized as the rest of your home? Rather than losing toys or brushes around the house, they'll have a safe place to be kept for your pets to play and use with every day. Here are a few ways to organize your pet's supplies.

Storage containers for food and treats

The most important thing our pets have is the food that helps them grow big and strong. When you first get a pet, it can be hard to figure out which type of food will be best for them, which is why Bergen County Veterinary Center suggests feeding pets by stage of life. You want them to have a balanced healthy lifestyle, which could mean buying various foods and treats, especially if you have more than one animal in the house.

Oftentimes food bags are quite large and can take up a lot of space in your pantry, or, even worse, end up spilling over if something is not sealed correctly. If this happens, the food will lose its freshness and may result in a turned up nose from your dog or cat. Even if nothing spills, it can be overwhelming to see so many different sized bags and cans piled on top of each other in your pantry or cabinets.

Using storage containers can keep it all organized. Containers come in different sizes with their own lids, and can be used in place of the bags, which will keep everything fresh for a longer time. Storage containers come in many different designs, so you can match them to the theme of your pantry, or create a new theme specifically for your pets. Be sure to label each container to differentiate the food from the treats.

Storage bins and baskets for toys

While food is important to store, your pets' toys should also have an organized space in your home so they're not all over your floor. Toys help your pets when they're feeling anxious and keep them occupied and stimulated so that they don't get bored, according to The Humane Society. Lots of us underestimate how many toys our pets have, and once we gather all of them into one pile, it's surprising to see just how spoiled our pets are.

The perfect storage basket is one you can move easily from room to room; handles will make this even easier. Having multiple storage baskets and placing one in each room will make it a cinch to clean up scattered toys faster and more conveniently because you'll be able to pile toys wherever you are instead of carrying them all to a central spot. There are also different styles and sizes, as well as sealable bins that can stand up to all types of weather. Setting up a storage bin outside may prove useful, especially when it rains.

Walking station

If you own a dog, going on walks has become part of your daily routine. Walking helps them stay lean and live a healthy life, and it's good for you too, claims Better Health. You probably own a couple leashes and don't really know where to put them. Storing them in drawers doesn't work since they have to be wrapped up tightly and take up space. Using a few hooks by the door is a simple solution. Installing a shelving unit to have more room to store everything you might need for your pet's walk such as treats, small toys, poop bags, and a leash, is even better.

There are different styles and colors you can choose from that will fit with the décor of your home. Some websites will allow you to customize a shelving unit to have your pet's name written on it, making it a little more special. You can also create your own and turn it into a fun DIY shelf and leash holder project. It'll definitely make walking your pet a lot more fun.

Grooming caddy

Keeping your pet clean and groomed is important for their coat to stay looking healthy and untangled. Bridge Park Animal Hospital states that grooming your pet will not only prevent them from getting mats in their hair, but also create a stronger bond with you. It's easy to misplace your pet's hairbrush if you don't have a specific spot for it, so investing in a grooming caddy can be a great way to organize everything without losing anything. Also, if you purchase a portable caddy, you'll be able to take it with you if you go on vacation or take your pet to a friend's place to have them watch over them.

Just like most containers, there are different colors and styles you can choose from that tailor to you and your pet. It makes it easy to store everything underneath a bathroom sink without taking up too much space. You'll be grateful you bought a caddy when you're bathing your pet and the shampoo bottle is within reach, or when your pet needs their knots untangled and you know exactly where the hairbrush is.

Feeding station

When it comes to figuring out how to set up your pet's food bowls, This is Tucson explains that a raised feeding station that will be level with the height of your pet is the best way to go. This will help them have better posture and keep your kitchen cleaner since their food bowls won't be sliding all over the floor. There are different types of feeding stations that can either hold just the bowls for food and water or be connected to an entire unit with cabinets to store food and treats.

You can match them with your kitchen design since they come in various designs and finishes such as wood, plastic, or metal. They can also act as a piece of furniture in your kitchen such as a cutting station, but then turn into a place for your pet to have lunch. You can definitely try to make your own feeding station if you can't find one that you like or want to add your own personal touch to it.