Here's Where David Bromstad Finds Design Inspiration

David Bromstad calls himself an "accidental designer," but that hasn't stopped him from becoming an interiors expert who has mastered color. He got his start by competing on HGTV's "Design Star," which he won during the first season. From there, he has both brought his artistic skills to plenty of homes and hosted HGTV programs of his own.

Before emerging victorious on "Design Star," Bromstad had only worked his magic on children's rooms. However, now he uses those skills to create beautiful rooms for his clients of all ages. Still, in every space he designs, Bromstad wants to make sure there is an energy that is fun and welcoming — and kids' rooms aren't the only place where you can and should do just that.

Finding inspiration can sometimes be difficult, but Bromstad believes you're only limited by your imagination. So why not make curating your space a fun challenge to infuse your personality into your home? You may even get motivated by the places where Bromstad finds his design inspiration.

Disney had a major impact

For David Bromstad, Disney is a huge inspiration. In fact, this is where he got his creative start. According to Meaww, Bromstad went to Ringling College of Art and Design in Florida, where he studied art. His goal out of college was to work for Disney because he was captivated with the brand. "I wanted to be a Disney animator," he revealed in an interview with South Florida Gay News. And while animation turned out not to be Bromstad's cup of tea, he worked as a merchandiser and later a sculptor at the park, and this is where he fell in love with Disney's artistic sensibilities.

Bromstad admires how Disney curates their spaces, including the parks, to make visitors feel as if they've been swept off into another dimension. "They are the only company in the world that knows how to create an environment and do it right," Bromstad explained to HGTV. "You walk in and you're transported, which is not a bad goal for a well-designed room." 

Of course, this doesn't mean you have to fill your home with Disney merchandise or even create space reminiscent of one of the brand's movies. But what you can do is take note of how the parks use elements like color and texture.

The natural elements David Bromstad loves

David Bromstad is also inspired by the great outdoors, especially in coastal areas. "Because I'm a warm-weather dude I also love nature and the beach and try to bring natural elements into the mix," he shared in a chat with HGTV. "I love the ocean — just the energy and smell of it is unlike anything else." To that end, beach tones provide a calming color scheme for your space because of the softer hues, for example. You can also incorporate coastal elements to bring outside textures in as well.

What's great about taking inspiration from nature is that there are a variety of landscapes to choose from, so there are plenty of options to get excited by, as noted by Bromstad. "You can look at everything with a design eye, it's all design: a plate of food, cars, clothes in the mall, what you see walking down the sidewalk, the colors in Miami," he added. "It's all inspiring."