30% Of Homeowners Are Tired Of This Home Decor Trend

When decorating a space, using trendy pieces can be fun. Well, that is, until those pieces go out of style. Once something has been used too many times, chances are that it's going to become disliked. Part of the reason for this is that when too many people are designing their homes with the same things, spaces can begin to lack originality. Some trends may also start to look outdated or cheesy. According to Design Baddie, social media allows trends to become popular more quickly than in the past. However, this also means that they typically die out much faster. In interior design, micro trends like popular wall colors are typically liked for about a year, while macro trends like well-liked furniture pieces may last for about three years. Once this time is up, trends are bound to go out of fashion.

To discover what the current worst trend is, House Digest asked 627 people which decor trend needs to go in 2022. The options included barn doors, inspirational quotes as art, all white everything, mason jars, shiplap, and industrial light bulbs. The results are in, and one of these options gained 30% of the vote. Let's see if you agree with the majority.

The design trend that needs to go

Over 30% and 191 participants said that all white everything needs to leave the interior design world. This trend is all about using different shades of only the color white in your space. Many celebrities decorate in all white; for instance, some of the areas in Kim Kardashian's old home were all white, from the walls to the furniture. This trend can make a space look very chic and modern. Decorilla says that just because a home is primarily white doesn't mean it lacks interest. Adding textured elements can make a neutral space look very dynamic. Additionally, using all white can make a room feel serene and relaxing.

However, the dislike most likely comes from how impersonal and cold all-white homes can appear. House Caravan points out that white can look dull in a space. It can lack the warmth that makes a home really feel comfortable. White shows stains, scuffs, and debris quickly, so cleaning will need to be a priority in an all-white house, which some may not enjoy. And an all-white palette is very restricting. Adding color to a home, even in minimal amounts, usually makes it feel more lively and personal.

The next unfavored design trends

Coming in right after all white everything was using inspirational quotes as art, which over 27% and 172 participants chose. Inspirational quotes can make a room look cheesy, especially quotes that have been overused (think "Live, Laugh, Love" or "Home Sweet Home"). Quotes can also make a room look childish. However, The DIY Playbook isn't entirely against quote art. They say the mistake happens when too many quotes are used in a space. Limiting your word art to only one piece per room can help. Also, make sure that every quote you use is meaningful and personal to you.

The next least-liked trend was barn doors, which over 16% and 104 people voted for. Laurel Bern Interiors doesn't think that barn doors are ugly, though they're not a fan of the clunky hardware. However, they do point out that this trend will become outdated at some point (perhaps sooner than we may imagine, as seen by the results of this survey). And, this trend isn't as easy to remove from your home as quote art.

Participants in the survey didn't have a huge problem with industrial light bulbs, which only 57 people and 9% voted for. Similarly, mason jars received less than 9%, with 56 voters. And finally, most people are still loving shiplap, which only got over 7% and 47 votes.