The Best Room To Start With When Renovating Your Home

Renovating your home is a massive project to take on, so it's important you plan accordingly to prevent yourself from spending unnecessary time and money. And because such ample revamps can be overwhelming, you might be lost when figuring out which room to start with first. Should you start with the smallest room? What about the space where you spend the most time? According to  Same Day Pros, the best place to begin renovating is the room that will up your home's value, no matter if you plan on selling the property now or in the future. Trulia also mentions that the two areas that will really increase the value of your home are the kitchen and the master bathroom.

These two rooms add so much merit because potential buyers spend the most time examining them. For instance, a well-done kitchen will significantly drive up the price of your home by about 30%, says The Good Guys. Likewise, an updated master bath with features like a whirlpool tub and double vanities is sure to catch their eye. So, which of the two rooms is most important? Let's take a look at the best space to start with when renovating your home.

The kitchen

Gordon Reese Design Build suggests renovating the kitchen first because it's the most challenging space in the home (and the most stressful). By getting it out of the way, your stress levels will significantly decrease, making the rest of the renovations much more manageable. Furthermore, potential buyers are going to see the kitchen first, as it's one of the most valuable places in the house. That being said, if someone comes to look at your home and you haven't had the opportunity to renovate more than one room, at least you'll have the most important area ready for viewing.

Keep in mind your kitchen doesn't need to be fully renovated to add value to your home. However, according to The Good Guys, several aspects of the space will majorly impact potential buyers, such as new appliances, additional storage, and updated cabinets and countertops. So, no matter your reasoning for renovating this area (more space, correcting the floor plan, etc.), make it a priority when renovating your house.