15 Floral Sofas That Will Bring A Modern And Chic Vibe To Your Space

When you think of a floral patterned couch, odds are you imagine an outdated, old and worn piece of furniture. While floral couches can be slightly dated and gauche, they can also be remarkably modern and fun. Floral upholstery didn't become that popular until the 1950s, where it took inspiration from Colonial designs and silhouettes with the (at the time) modern floral fabric (via The Local Flea).

Throughout the '60s, '70s, and '80s, floral patterned furniture, including couches, armchairs, loveseats, and settees, became a staple in most homes. These florals tend to be larger and more vibrant, the '60s and '70s seeing fun and colorful patterns, whereas the '80s were more subdued and dark. Floral upholstery has since fallen out of popular fashion, but the shabby chic aesthetic has picked it back up with more delicate, refined modernity. These couches are the perfect blend of old and new, offering a twist on both the modern and the traditional.

1. '70s-inspired

If you want a retro, '70s-inspired floral, look for something more subdued and subtle. Instead of all-over florals, opt for floral seat cushions, enhancing the pattern with other colors and florals throughout the room.

2. Granny chic

While not the most modern, granny chic is a design style that offers new life to a slightly outdated aesthetic. If you stumble upon a beautiful floral couch at a flea market or thrift store, lean into the granny vibes with even more florals and vintage finds.

3. Green accents

Florals can easily be overwhelming, especially on larger furniture items like couches. Subdue a busy floral couch by matching your wall color to the pattern's greenery.

4. Modern vintage

Most floral couches you stumble across are going to be vintage finds. Lean into this with the modern vintage aesthetic, delicately balancing vintage finds with modern finishes and design approaches.

5. Classic floral

A classic floral couch is a great centerpiece for your room, as long as you know how to keep it from overpowering everything else. Pair it with classic neutral tones and simple silhouettes.

6. Green floral

If softer, feminine florals aren't your thing, opt for greenery or green florals. A dark green paint color will distract from the business of the pattern and help it seamlessly blend in with the room.

7. Industrial chic

The industrial aesthetic has tendencies to be a little stark and one-dimensional. Liven it up a bit with a granny-style floral couch, perhaps paired with a few other vintage finds to help it blend in.

8. Simple settee

Add a bit of textural and visual intrigue to an otherwise simple living room with a floral patterned settee.

9. Double couches

If you're lucky enough to find a set of floral couches or loveseats, be bold and put them together in your living room. Keep the rest of the room quite simple to avoid things from getting too gaudy.

10. Eclectic

Floral patterns tend to be very loud and busy. Lean into this with equally busy décor, opting for an eclectic aesthetic in your home. Keep the colors as matching and neutral as possible to keep the room becoming tacky, though.

11. Parlor style

Most vintage couches aren't designed for comfort the way modern couches are. Keep your cozy sectional in your living room while displaying your floral couch or loveseat in an office or parlor environment.

12. Feminine pink

Floral patterns tend to be quite feminine in both style and color. Have fun and lean into this more feminine aesthetic with lots of soft colors and textures.

13. Sunroom style

A floral patterned loveseat is perfect for your sunroom. Especially if you have an older home, the vintage silhouette and pattern will pair perfectly.

14. Dark and moody

To modernize a darker floral couch, lean into the dark colors and incorporate them throughout the room. For example, sample a soft violet shade and paint your walls a slightly darker, flatter version. Pair with industrial elements like metal and exposed wood.

15. Pop of color

One of the most fun elements of florals is how colorful they are. Brighten up a basic room with a bright blue floral couch.