The Best Dupes For The 12-Foot Home Depot Skeleton On The Market

It's the last week of September and you might've already tricked out your house with Halloween decorations, or you're like the rest of us waiting to start that process next week. Regardless of your plans, chances are you've heard of the Home Depot decoration that's going viral this season: a 12-foot skeleton with fierce blue eyes named Skelly. This creepy item has been available in the Home Depot aisles and on the website for $299, but unfortunately, it has been sold out. Folks have been trying to get their hands on this since it first came out last year, claims Insider, and it even made it on TikTok. 

If you've been trying to score the viral skeleton but haven't had luck, you've come to the right place; we've gathered the best dupes that resemble Skelly with varying prices. There are a few that are higher in cost than Skelly, but they will potentially bring a more frightening presence to your home. On the other hand, some could fit your budget and still have the potential to spook one or two kids with the proper makeover.

Phantom animatronic skeleton

Skelly is a straightforward skeleton — it's his height and piercing blue eyes that make him look intimidating. And we know that simple can get the job done, but when it comes to Halloween, it's safe to purchase colorful décor. So if you want something flashier, Home Depot has a phantom animatronic skeleton for $399 that's 15 feet tall with a tattered gray robe. It has LED lights in its hands, body, and face that change colors, but its most terrifying feature is the screeching noises it makes when someone passes by, followed by its creepy movements.

This phantom skeleton is perfect if you're planning a cemetery theme in your front yard. Setting up fog machines around the statue will create the illusion for people that they're in a straight-up graveyard. Blogger Entertaining Diva suggests adding various tombstones, spooky lighting, and some type of entrance — perhaps an archway, pillar, or gate to lure in the trick-or-treaters. Then you can have the phantom skeleton waiting at the end, ready to give them their candy or a little jump scare.

Inferno pumpkin skeleton

You might have to buy a warning sign or six for this skeleton if you don't want to terrorize trick-or-treaters. The giant inferno pumpkin skeleton on Amazon is 12 feet of horror with a sculpted pumpkin head that looks a little too real, along with the same piercing blue eyes that Skelly has. Also, instead of bones for a body, the inferno skeleton has vines that make up its figure.

The trick concerning this appalling decoration is its price: $980 plus free shipping. Home Depot has a dupe for this dupe regarding the price, but it's currently sold out. So if this skeleton is everything you dreamed of having in your front yard, you could check Home Depot's website every day in case they restock it.

Even though the inferno pumpkin skeleton costs an arm and two legs, it would be a great addition to your home if you decide to make the purchase. Creating a spooky walkway along the side of your house that leads to the backyard could be the talk of the neighborhood. Halloween blog Hue + Wit offered tons of tips for which decorations you could use to design your pathway, too. Use witches' brooms to lead the path, lit-up pumpkins, or spooky trees. Set up the inferno skeleton at the beginning of the course to greet everyone or save him until the end and see how many people scream when they see it.

Pose n' stay skeleton

On a less daunting note, if your neighborhood has more children than teenagers, a super scary skeleton may not be the best option for your home. To that end, Wayfair has a happier sit-and-pose skeleton that doesn't have eyes that will look into your soul or a ghoulish smile to haunt your dreams. Instead, this pose n' stay skeleton has a toothy grin that will stay wherever you decide to put him. For $104.99, this skeleton has realistically-molded bones for arms, legs, and ribs, making trick-or-treaters question whether it's real or not.

Display the skeleton next to a few pumpkins and haystacks for kids to go up to and snap a picture with, or place him next to a scarecrow to show off their friendship. If you stick with a popular Halloween decorating trend like a traditional cemetery theme, this skeleton will lighten the scary feel of it with the mere expression on its face. Dress up the skeleton in costumes, such as an angel or a werewolf, to get a laugh out of the people passing by.