25 Canopy Beds Perfect For Sleeping In Style

Canopy beds have been traced to medieval Europe, notes ThoughtCo., yet they are still popular today with good reason. While you can use them outside to protect yourself from nature, they are also extremely magical inside. As Roomhints notes, this style of bed can not only provide privacy for couples but adds a dreamy escape too. There is also a slew of different types to consider, and something for every kind of taste, including partial, enclosed, or draped, and is often found in every color imaginable. This is excellent because no matter what hue your room is, you can match the color scheme with your canopy and either opt for an eye-popping tint or a neutral shade if that is more your style.

While canopy beds are often found in kids' rooms, we know it's not hard to see why this ethereal look can make your grown-up bedroom an extra beautiful retreat. To make this décor style work, interior designers from Annie Elliot Design suggest keeping the pattern simple and going for one color because, of course, less is more. Here are 25 stunning canopy bed styles to get inspired by.

1. A round bed with a canopy

This round bed is a stunning option to consider because of its unique shape. We love the see-through canopy draped around it and can't get enough of all the lush plants surrounding the bed.

2. A traditional light pink canopy

This light pink canopy has a traditional style but is in a dreamy light pink color, which looks great paired with neutral bedding. We love how utterly stylish this studio apartment is, with gold frames placed in a gallery on the brick wall and some accent accessories picked up while traveling.

3. Crisp, clean, and draped

This room is utter perfection with its white walls and crisp bedding that is so simple yet breathtaking. The draped canopy finishes off the look, and there's even space in the room to study or work.

4. Cozy wooden bed with canopy and mossy greens

Consider this simple style that packs a lot of punch. This wooden DIY four-poster option has an ethereal white draped canopy and mossy greens on the top, which we love! We also love that there's a whimsical swing for a childlike aesthetic that is nothing but fun.

5. Leafy greens

This room's main highlight is all the potted plants surrounding the bed with a partial see-through canopy and soft gray bedding. It just goes to show that a green and white color palette is an attractive option for a bedroom.

6. A large suite with a barely-there canopy

This see-through canopy is almost hard to see, but we love how it looks across from the bright blue curtains that cover the large windows. This simple room is a real stand out in our opinion.

7. A Queen-like tufted bed style

All eyes are drawn to this royally chic cream tufted headboard. The bed, surrounded by a lightweight canopy, has a gorgeous color palette of bedding, from luxe whites to pale pink. Plus, this elegant bedroom has a magnificent vanity that we can't get enough of.

8. Patterned and regal

This royal-esque bedroom is a total classic doused in sophisticated gray. It says Art Deco, has a tufted headboard, and the canopy it's in a heavier patterned fabric that is absolutely beautiful.

9. A Balinese beauty

This Balinese bedroom has exquisite ethereal drapery and uses a variety of textiles like wicker and mesh for a bedroom that gets a double take. Not only is it pretty to look at, but it is a bedroom that looks like the owner is so well-traveled, which we love!

10. Tie it with a rope

This homeowner opted for a thicker fabric for their bed canopy, and then they tied it with a dangling rope for a natural look we love.

11. A dreamy wooden canopy

This four-poster has natural wood with a draped canopy as the highlight for a bedroom we would love to emulate. Add in some details like tasseled bedding and a wicker basket hung as artwork, and you have a room that will get people talking.

12. Modern day Marie Antoinette

This room looks like the 18th-century queen Marie Antoinette inspired it with its over-the-top gilded bed frame. It even has a partially draped canopy that looks like it is hanging from a crown.

13. Floral and mesh

This bed is a feminine style with a light pink mesh drapery and loads of floral draping on the bed's four posts for a magical look.

14. A pallet bed with lush draping

This bed is made of pallets and has DIY bed posts with see-through draping and lots of lush greenery.

15. Room with a view

This open-air bedroom looks directly out to the sea, and since it's totally open, we're betting that the canopy encircling the bed comes in handy to keep any mosquitos at bay.

16. Traditionally beautiful

This white brick boudoir exemplifies how traditional style can look beautiful. This wood four-poster style has a custom canopy with tassels. We also love how the natural wood furniture in the room looks against the white brick walls.

17. Modernly historic

This bedroom has all of the modern comfort and extras, from the unique ceiling to the recessed lighting. We love the regal canopy in heavy fabric and beautiful rust color.

18. An elegant oasis

This bedroom is so sophisticated. The walls and floors are white, as are the bedding and canopy. The elegant wicker chair and vases with pampas grass look divine in the space.

19. Fit for a princess

This bedroom would be ideal for anyone with a wish to be a princess — or just feel like one. The ornate pink canopy, headboard, and patterned turquoise and floral pillows are so dreamy.

20. Castle life

This bedroom gives us a peek into a bedroom at Hautefort Castle. The blue canopy bed is over-the-top, of course, featuring a luxurious velvet fabric.

21. Luxe and cozy

If you're looking for a luxurious yet cozy option, we love this bed with a see-through canopy, lots of pillows, and a faux fur blanket.

22. An elegant child's room

This light gray nursery has a round crib with a white canopy and a mix of white and gray furniture.

23. A suite space

This unique bedroom makes the canopy the main focal point. A large gray fabric hangs on the wall acting as a simple art piece, while the canopy drapes in the front, which is a beautiful and economical way to design a space.

24. A flowery haven

This all-white bedroom has an ornate bed frame with a partial canopy draped to create a pretty aesthetic with faux flowers.

25. A Renaissance-inspired canopy

This lime green bed is in such a modern hue for a popular décor style during the Renaissance — and we are here for it!