The Best Bedroom Color For A Romantic Vibe

The bedroom is undoubtedly one of the most intimate rooms in your home. According to, intimate spaces are crucial to any household. It's where you can privately share a physical and emotional connection with your romantic partner. So, what makes a room intimate? If you feel like your bedroom space doesn't exactly scream "romance," there are a few modifications you can make to create a more passionate space, such as filling your room with ambient lighting or adding scented candles, Slumber Yard suggests.

You can also add mood to your bedroom by painting the walls, says The Sleep Judge. That being said, it's worth exploring your color options if you're interested in a more romantic atmosphere in your bedroom. If you aren't sure what colors demonstrate your sense of romance and passion, we are here to help. Here are the best bedroom colors to paint your walls for a romantic vibe. 


When you think of romance, what do you think of? Chances are roses and hearts come to mind. What do those two things have in common? Yep, they're both red. According to WebMD, red is scientifically considered a romantic color and is known to increase the attraction between individuals. This comes as no surprise, considering red has been represented as a romantic color in both history and literature for years. For that reason, Bustle recommends painting your bedroom walls red to romanticize your bedroom.

Red evokes an emotional response, which is what makes it an excellent color choice for creating a feeling of romance in your bedroom, Wedgewood Weddings explains; however, certain reds are more romantic than others. Storeys suggests using dark shades of red, such as burgundy, maroon, and oxblood, to name a few. If you prefer a brighter space, scarlet, crimson, and fire engine red might be a good fit.

Plum purple

We've discussed red's romantic effects on the bedroom, but if you feel red is too bold for the bedroom, consider painting your bedroom walls plum purple. This deep shade of purple is commonly known as the color of royalty and luxury, but surprisingly, it is also associated with romance and seduction, Lifewire says. It's typically described as a feminine color, but don't let that dissuade you from using it in your room. In fact, some might say plum is the new color of seduction, but we'll let you decide.

Should you choose the color plum, Impressive Interior Design suggests decorating the rest of the room with different shades of purple, specifically, your bedding. It might seem strange pairing similar colors together; however, plum and purple are on the same color spectrum — just different sides of it. If you don't want an overwhelmingly purple bedroom, opt for a nice cream color to adorn your bed, curtains, or rugs.