Emily Henderson's Tips For Updating Your Home For Fall

It's officially fall! If you haven't already started decorating for the season, begin now because time sure does fly by. The leaves are starting to change colors, and now it's time to incorporate those warm hues into your own home. Fall decor is all about comfy vibes and pumpkin spice, but sometimes it can be difficult to decide how you'll execute your design. Luckily, interior designer Emily Henderson has offered some simple tips for homeowners who want to embody the autumn spirit, per Homes & Garden.

Henderson is no one-trick-pony; she is a stylist, author of "Styled: Secrets for Arranging Rooms, from Tabletops to Bookshelves," a television personality, and founder of Style By Emily Henderson, per her Instagram. She has almost 1 million followers on the platform and is constantly posting interior design trends and advice. Now, check out the suggestions she has to push the design of your home in the right direction.

It's all about the feelings you create

In regards to interior design, lighting has always been brought up as an important element, and Henderson agrees, per Homes and Gardens. "Ambience is key, and starts with lighting. Think string and fairy lights," Emily advised. "As the weather changes, also think about adding fireplaces, heat lamps and candles for extra light and warmth." For example, antique lamps can be a great addition to your fall décor, as they typically radiate a soft, orange light, per Louie Lighting. Particularly choosing Edison bulbs will create a creative lighting design.

Secondly, Henderson advises bringing indoor items outside. "Bringing your indoor dishes, furniture, and textiles outside makes an outdoor party feel special and is far better for the planet," she noted. This tactic can definitely create a cozy environment for outdoor gatherings and is a way to watch as your décor harmonizes with the fall colors outside. Before using your indoor décor outside, have an understanding of how the material will hold up, as you don't want to ruin your items, per Craft Gecko.