House Digest Survey Reveals Homeowners' Favorite Way To Light Up A Room

When envisioning your ideal space, you may think of things like the architectural features in the room, the color palette, the furniture that will fill the area, and the accessories you want to incorporate that really make it custom to you. However, there's one often overlooked feature that has a far, far bigger impact on any space than you might imagine — lighting.

As Lumen4 explains, lighting is invaluable in creating a certain atmosphere, whether you want a space to feel dramatic or cozy, warm or cool. It also impacts everything else in the space, helping to highlight certain colors, textures, and features within the room, as Arch20 adds.

Yes, natural light is important, and there's nothing quite like a sun-filled room. However, for many hours of the day, natural light just won't cut it, and you'll need to illuminate a space with other options. But, with so many options on the market, it can be tough to decide what to go with. Do you want something that makes a statement on its own or something that fades into the background? Are you the type who switches out their decor regularly? If so, you may want to go with something that can be easily changed without having to install an entirely new fixture every time you want to refresh the look of your space.

House Digest conducted a survey asking 627 individuals what their favorite way to light up a room was — and the results may surprise you.

How the majority prefer to illuminate their space

When thinking of the potential options for lighting in a room, your thoughts might first jump to fixtures that are actually installed in the room. However, the majority of survey respondents actually relished the flexibility of lamps, the only survey option that doesn't require actual installation. A whopping 42.58% of respondents preferred to light up their room with lamps, which can easily be moved around and switched out if you decide you want a certain room to have a different vibe. All you need to make a lamp work is some type of electricity source — although with some battery-operated options, that's not even a necessity anymore.

The second most popular choice was simple recessed lights, which over a quarter of survey respondents — 25.36% to be specific — flagged as their favorite choice. Recessed lighting is perfect for those who want to allow other features in the room to shine, with the lighting unobtrusively illuminating the space wherever necessary. On the opposite end of the spectrum, coming in third was one of the boldest light fixtures you could select — chandeliers. It seems 12.12% of survey respondents prefer to make a style statement with some glam lighting.

Rounding out the survey results, 7.97% of respondents favored simple pendant lights, and 7.81% liked the unobtrusive but ambient option of wall sconces. Coming in last was track lights, which only 4.15% — or 26 individuals surveyed — selected as their favorite way to light up a room.