Leanne Ford's Top Tips For Designing Your Small Space

Living in a small space comes with its share of challenges. According to Pier 1, those who live in a cramped home may desire more storage space, extra room for entertaining, additional counter space, or better lighting. Another complexity is trying to decorate a small house — many designs can end up looking plain and boring or overwhelmingly cluttered.

Luckily, HGTV host and interior designer Leanne Ford has some tips on how to design a small space to make it feel larger. Her first tip? Only use pieces that you absolutely love. According to StreetEasy, she stated that "the only things that should be out are things that are beautiful and make you happy." This will help your space feel less claustrophobic, as it will limit your decorative pieces. Additionally, Ford also has some extra helpful tips on how to make a tiny room feel bigger and taller. You'll find her expert advice below.

How to make a room feel bigger

According to Leanne Ford, there are two main ways to make a room feel bigger: rearrange the furniture and utilize mirrors. During an interview with Insider, Ford recommended that homeowners fight the inclination to press all their furniture up against the wall; Instead, allow for some empty space. Rearranging your pieces is one of the easiest ways to revamp a room and make it feel larger.

Mirrors are also great tools that can make a home feel more spacious. According to StreetEasy, Ford believes that a mirror "creates another window in the room" by reflecting light. She also says to "get a big one — one that seems too big for the space — and the room will feel bigger." Filling a wall with a large mirror or multiple mirrors will create more light and trick the eye into thinking the room is much bigger than it actually is.

How to make a room feel taller

When decorating a small room, you may also want to make it feel taller. Leanne Ford has two crucial tips for achieving this: don't forget the ceiling, and use lots of vertical space. Ford is known for utilizing the ceiling in unique ways. For instance, she sometimes adds texture to the ceiling through wooden paneling and beams, as seen on her website, Love Leanne. During another interview with Insider, Ford shares that, to make a home feel more expansive, she would rather add interest to a ceiling instead of creating an open floor plan. She says, "I think that people kind of ignore the ceiling when, in fact, it's just as important as the walls."

She also says to use all the vertical space you can. This could be done through wall art, a gallery wall, or shelving. In the kitchen, she suggests installing your cabinets right up to the ceiling, per StreetEasy. This will not only add more functionality, but it will also carry the eye upwards in the space, which will make it appear taller.