The Best 2022 Halloween Decorations On Amazon

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If Halloween is your favorite holiday to decorate for, you may be wondering how soon you can set out your decorations. With the official signs of fall, most Americans might set up their spooky scenes amidst the beginning of October, especially with the arrival of cooler weather (via Martha Stewart). Whenever you start decorating for Halloween, some décor may never go out of style while others remain fresh and zany.

As many people decorate for the strange, yet exciting holiday, there are endless options of unnerving merchandise to add to your décor collection. Each year Amazon offers a vast variety of Halloween décor for shoppers to choose from, and the site has expanded its inventory with some of the most popular finds of 2022. Whether it's enchanting or eerie, Amazon has plenty of elements of surprise for both inside and outside of your home, from new takes on classics like bats, pumpkins, and witch hats, to webbing, ghosts, skeletons, and other frightening creatures. Keep reading to discover some of its top, new Halloween décor items.

3D Halloween Décor Bats Sticker Lights

Go batty with Amazon's 3D LED Bats Light Décor Sticker Lights. Currently featured as a #1 New Release, the black-shaped figures showcase flashing orange and purple lights while adding ambiance to various spooky-related events. With the switch and adhesive located on the back, they can be applied to various surfaces inside or outside of the home. Available in three different sizes, each bat includes two AG 10-button batteries that can last up to 36 hours. This innovative Halloween décor is durable for unexpected weather as it is made of waterproof PVC.

You might display the mesmerizing batty décor in a variety of places like walls, cabinets, bookshelves, doors, windows, or other uncanny corners. Just keep in mind that surfaces need to be cleaned and dried for application. The bats' wings can also be folded and shaped at different angles. Prices may vary from about $16.99 to $28.99, depending on the number of pieces chosen (16, 24, or 48).

Outdoor Lighted Witch Hats String Lights

An upgrade from previous years, these enchanting Outdoor Lighted Witch Hats String Lights include eight various colored hats of purple, green, orange, and red, and feature different patterns like bats, pumpkins, and spiders on the pointed portion. Manufactured by Tcamp, each strand is 44 feet in length and consists of 104 LED lights (an increase of 50% from before). The hats can sway and glow along your patio, porch, garden, fence, trees, or other space. Featured as IP65 waterproof, the bewitching lights can also tolerate various weather conditions like snow and heavy rain from any direction.

With eight light modes, you can use the crafty, illuminated lights inside or outside. Choose from chasing/flash, combination, sequential, slow-glo, slow fade, steady on, and waves by hitting one control button. Currently priced at $29.99, the lighted witch hats have received 5 stars from several verified purchases, as they are a top Amazon Choice. Some assembly is required with installing the light strands within the hats, which can also be worn separately.

Yelling Animatronics Skeleton Prisoner

A new #1 Best Seller, the Yelling Animatronics Skeleton Prisoner in Cage is intended to scare. Made by Colplay, the animatronic skeleton with glowing red eyes and dressed in black and white attire is programmed with motion and light sensors. When alerted, the ghost is activated to glow and stick out his head while blaring, "LET ME OUT!," among other expressions. The Halloween prop sits in a jail-like cage and measures about 9 inches in length by 11 inches in height and 4 inches in width. Made of quality plastic, fabric, and electronics, the tormented ghost requires three AA batteries to function, which are not included.

Presently priced at $25.99, the outspoken piece comes with two strings (30-inches long each) that are intended for hanging in a tree, entrance, or another desired space. Amazon customers who have purchased the creepy prisoner rave about the price, quality, size, and both its funny and terrifying effects. 

Floating LED candles

Ready to hang, these Floating LED Candles with Remote Control are designed to elevate the night. Manufactured by Oriental Cherry, the set includes 12 slender candles with strings attached, 12 hooks, and a remote-control switch. Each candle measures approximately 6.7 inches tall and is about 1-inch thick. Available at a decent price of $39.99, the muted yet magical candles are popular among Halloween enthusiasts and can be used for ghostly occasions or other related events.

Mainly intended for interior use, Amazon recommends only using the electronic candles in covered outdoor spaces like a porch or patio. Many customers might hang them from ceilings, chandeliers, or awnings, although some materials may work better than others. For example, a popcorn ceiling may not be the best choice due to its uneven texture. One customer expressed that they liked the flicker feature that the candles possess. It's also important to note that the candles require two AA batteries, which are not included with purchase.

Halloween Pumpkin Snack Bowl Broom Stand

A 2022 #1 Best Seller, this Halloween Pumpkin Snack Bowl Stand is charming with a broom rack frame and pumpkin-shaped containers. Made specifically for entertaining by Lowime, the iron snack rack features three orange resin bowls that resemble pumpkins without their tops, each held by rounded holders that extend from the broomstick. The whimsical stand features realistic bristles and reaches 13 inches tall by 10 inches wide with the removable pumpkin bowls measuring about 8 inches tall by 7 inches wide.

Presently priced at $11.99, the pumpkin party bowls can hold a variety of items like fruit, candy, chips, chocolates, cupcakes, fruit, dips, popcorn, vegetables, and many other finger foods. With a lightweight stand and microwaveable/dishwasher-safe bowls, Amazon customers are pleased with the snack bowls, giving them 4.8 out of 5 stars — that's an 86% positive rating. The unique serving set may be suitable for fall, Halloween, or Thanksgiving events for both adults and kids.