The 5 Best States To Live In If You Love Halloween Décor

Are you a Halloween fanatic who likes to transform your yard with spooky decorations? For example, you might enjoy laying out skeletons on your lawn, hanging cobwebs with creepy spiders, or putting them on the roof. On the other hand, would you prefer to let neighbors deck out their space while you display pumpkins? Either way, October is approaching, so the time is now if you haven't brought out any tombstones or bats. If you're looking for new embellishments for your space, NY Magazine suggests differently colored lightbulbs to fit a theme, digital decorations, a fog machine in your front yard, etc. You might also gain inspiration from homes not in your area.

When we think about the places with award-winning spooky houses, we often look at the homes around us, but hardly in other states. Lombardo Homes reports that only a few states go all out with their Halloween decorations, and you'll be surprised that neither California nor New York made it on the top five list. So check out which state made the top spot; we're sure you'll be surprised.

1. New Mexico

Coming in as the fifth state that has the best Halloween decorations is New Mexico. Known for their annual balloon fiesta in Albuquerque, they show off different hot air balloon characters, like pumpkins, penguins, beavers, and multi-colored ones, via Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. Unsurprisingly, they would go all out for Halloween, especially when they kickstart the month with funky-themed balloons. Although when it comes to decorating their houses, Lombardo Homes claims that New Mexico residents enjoy using spiders anywhere they can.

One man from Albuquerque, Alfonso Garcia, transformed his home last year with a spider theme, ready to scare every person who walked by, according to KRQE News. Garcia states that he spends $100 on Halloween decorations, aside from the ones he and his family handmake, making it a tradition to top the year before. Houses aside, New Mexico offers various events during Halloween weekend, where some will scare the socks off you. New Mexico Magazine reported five different events to attend, one in every city, to partake in. For example, Los Alamos has trick-or-treating throughout the town, dog costume parades, displays of different jack-o lanterns, and a haunted trail walk.

2. Texas

If you revel in horror movies and gory things, Texas is where you want to live. They love decorating with fake blood, saw machines, and torn limbs. According to New York Daily News, a man in Dallas, Steven Novak, decorated his home so horrifying that folks called the police multiple times to check out the state of his house. Novak adorned his front lawn with bloody torn limbs, a pile of them on a wheel barrel, a meat grinder that grinds arms and spews out blood across the walkway, and many dead play dolls covered in blood. Talk about one of the craziest Halloween products that will shock you and your family. 

On the other hand, residents also have a thing for clowns, per Lombardo Homes, so if your favorite movie is "IT," you'll love roaming the streets of Texas. If you cannot visit, incorporate clowns into your decorations this year to bring Texas to your neighborhood. Even though it's a night for terror, utilizing happy clowns with bright-colored balloons can be fun for little kids. While scarier clowns can pop out and spook the teenagers, make it chilling enough so they can still make it to your front door.

3. New Jersey

Coming in third place, New Jersey has had quite a few homes that have covered their front yards with bony skeletons, enormous spiders, and a hellish jester. Even though New Jersey is known to decorate with pumpkins in various styles, via Lombardo Homes, some residents like to think outside the box. Northjersey reported some of the top haunted homes in North Jersey that have taken decorating to a high level. The news site also mentions the addresses of the homes they discuss. If you ever find yourself in North Jersey in October, you might want to make room in your itinerary to visit a few of these places.

A homeowner in Bloomfield had their home under attack by giant creepy spiders covering every inch, per Northjersey. Skeletons were hung from the shiplap, and the windows had red "Keep Out" tape on them, but the scariest things were the life-size werewolf and goosebump-raising dolls. You might think twice before heading to the door for some candy. Instead, for a less traumatizing experience, you might consider visiting the mannequin party in Clifton, where skeletons are dressed up in lingerie as they dance around a coffin. Some wear colored wigs, high heels, bikinis, and a gown — they're the dead of the party.

4. Illinois

The more we look at the different states and their Halloween embellishments, we think there's no way another state can top it, but it can. When you think of Illinois, the first thing that might come to mind is Chicago, which has the infamous bean. You probably don't think about how they celebrate the spooky season, but we're here to tell you they exceed the expectations, which is why they're ranked second best, per Lombardo Homes. Illinois residents have combined every terrifying character in their yards. For example, some homeowners fill every inch of space with ghouls, goblins, skeletons, tombstones, clowns, and pumpkins.

A homeowner in Bartlett is a huge fan of clowns that they created a circus theme, according to Kidlist. Trick-or-treaters enter through an open-mouthed clown archway to start the maze. They'll find a ticket booth with a clown on one side and, on the other, a life-size clown with claws for hands and behind their sinister smile, sharp pointy teeth. This circus maze is the epitome of the "enter if you dare" sign; you might not make it out.

5. Utah

Utah is the top state surpassing every other state due to its Halloween decorations. Many states rave about how scary the homes they have decorated are, but Visionary Homes created an itinerary for Halloween in Utah. This includes corn mazes, witchy villages, pumpkin decorating, etc. While walking around and admiring the decorated homes, nothing beats a good Halloween activity like a haunted hayride. Utah has a plethora of pumpkin patches for folks to visit that offer different exciting activities for everyone. To switch things up, join the Halloween cruise that takes you across the Provo River, where you could see a potential pirate fight.

Many parks and villages are decorated with Halloween themes, and some offer food and games to play. If you're over 21 and don't have kids (or don't mind leaving them at home), there's a creepy bar crawl in Ogden and Salt Lake City that you could dress up for and go with your friends. Then make a weekend out of it and go to the annual Urban Lounge Halloween party with a costume contest, a DJ, a photo booth, and more. You'll feel like you're in "Hocus Pocus."