Beautiful POC-Owned Home Decor Brands You Can Find At Target

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Often known for successfully selling customers products other than what they actually entered the store to buy, Target has long been a fan favorite for unique finds that you didn't know you needed. When it comes to home goods, Target's aisles are practically bursting, with everything from lamps to hand towels from its in-house brands like Threshold and Project 62. For the discerning buyer who would prefer to support the independently owned businesses Target offers, it can be hard at times to find what you're looking for in the sea of products manufactured by Target itself, especially if you want to specifically support businesses owned by POC entrepreneurs.

Of course, buying directly from small businesses is the best and most direct way to give your support, but odds are you've found yourself tempted by a cute mug or bold bathroom rug in the aisles of your local Target at one point or another. According to Insider, almost 80% of consumers in the United States shop at Target. For those of us who fall in that category and want to support businesses owned by marginalized communities as much as possible, we've compiled some of the best home goods offerings from POC brands found at your local Target.


Now a popular home decor and lifestyle brand, Jungalow (a portmanteau of jungle and bungalow) started out as a blog by designer and artist Justina Blakeney in 2009. Blakeney, who has an African American, Native American, and Eastern European Jewish background, cites the combination of her Californian upbringing, extensive travels, and diverse ethnicity as inspiration for her bohemian artistic aesthetic (via The Washington Post).

Target currently offers a few Jungalow bedding sets and other textiles, including this sunburst quilt set, featuring a chic neutral color that could complement a variety of palettes. A matching shower curtain is also available. There are also a few options if you're in the market for a dose of brighter colors, such as this botanical print duvet set. Jungalow also has a collaborative line with the Target brand Opalhouse, offering decor items such as this geometric wooden picture frame and these stylish sandstone bookends.

Frères Branchiaux, Satya + Sage, and Tabitha Brown

Trying to make your space cozier? Target stocks plenty of candles that'll instantly do just that. There are offerings from multiple POC-owned brands, such as the family-run brand Frères Branchiaux, which was started by three teen brothers in 2017. According to the Frères Branchiaux website, they also donate 10% of their profits to homeless shelters.

Target currently carries 10 scents from the Black-owned brand, including their most popular scents, This Woman's Work and Love Jones. Meant to honor women and specifically the hard-working of the world, This Woman's Work is a warm fruity and floral scent, containing notes of apple, vanilla, lilac, amber, and cedar. Love Jones is meant to be the scent equivalent of falling in love, offering notes of peach, jasmine, amber, cedar, and sandalwood. Another Black-owned candle company offered at Target is Satya + Sage, which sells candles with calming scents like Goddess, Blessed, and Meditation.

Also available at Target is a new home goods collection from TikTok star and vegan foodie Tabitha Brown, who released the line in August of 2022. Among the collection's offerings include scented candles featuring white jasmine, sandalwood and chamomile, and salted jasmine scents; an avocado mug; and a gold accent table.