21 Beautiful Shades Of Blue To Consider For Your Next Front Door Refresh

For many, the color blue brings to mind calmness and feelings of serenity and security, per Verywell Mind. It's a color, of course, associated with the sky or water — both of which can serve as soothing and effective visualizations for anyone having a stressful day. Blue can also signify royalty and fun special occasions like the Fourth of July, or perhaps represent one of your favorite sports teams.

If you're looking to refresh your home's exterior, painting a door blue might do the trick. Placing this inviting color front and center can not only up your curb appeal, but also be a welcomed sight for you each time you return home. As noted by the Bergen Record, a blue front door "symbolizes prosperity and abundance."

A darker blue can also represent tranquility or a calming, peaceful place that someone would love to visit. This latter thought makes it a popular choice not only for residential homes, but also for beach houses, wellness centers, and other destinations for healing or retreat. On this note, here are 21 shades of blue you might consider the next time you think of refreshing your home's front door.

1. Navy blue

Navy blue is a clean and formal color that looks great for a front door. It's a timeless shade of blue that makes a statement without being overpowering.

2. Cosmic blue

A brighter cosmic blue is an ideal choice for someone who isn't afraid to stand out and would like their home to match their outgoing personality. Bright blue doors can work on any house if you're brave enough, but will definitely work best on country homes or tropical locales that fit the vibe of bold and bright. 

3. Greenish blue

A very light greenish blue is a tranquil and lovely option that looks great on a house with vinyl siding, wood shingles, or another textured exterior. Pair the color with a black door knocker and handle for a beautifully dramatic contrast. 

4. Beachy blue

Stuck in the suburbs but dreaming of beach house life? Paint your door a cool beachy blue-green hue. It looks lovely on a white or gray house, and can be further enhanced with a gold door handle and bright porch blooms.

5. Airy blue

Light, airy blue doors or walls can open up a home and make it feel like springtime no matter the season. Instead of being concerned with just your door's exterior, consider the interior side you'll be seeing every day, too. This gentle wisp of blue will bring tranquility into any room. 

6. Deep, smart blue

This shade of blue is a deep, smart blue. It will look great on any door, no matter where you are located. This blue pairs well with city apartments, suburban homes, and country dwellings. 

7. Muted blue

Who doesn't love a spa day? There's a reason such establishments use muted blues in their decor. Bring the feelings of relaxation and mellowness home through this blue paint that can work on both interior and exterior doors. Don't forget your closets and cabinets, too. 

8. Pale blue

A very pale blue paint can really spruce up the look of a home's white exterior or even a natural red brick house. Pair it with gray or black planters for a sleek exterior. 

9. Tropical blue

Transform your front door — and back doors, too — into an island oasis with this stunning tropical blue paint. It works exceptionally well if your door features windows or a screen door that adds to that island feel. 

10. Blue with green

This pretty New England-inspired door looks beautiful surrounded by greenery. Be it a lush wreath or potted plants, green and blue were just made to be together. 

11. Vintage green-blue

Your front door is the focal point of your home, so make sure it's a hue that's unique enough to stand out without being so bright that the neighbors complain. This color is reminiscent of southern England, providing a classy and vintage look. 

12. Ocean blue

Mexico is a colorful place, including the paint colors found on the country's buildings. Acapulco blue is inspired by Mexico's beauty, from the ocean's shores to vibrant marketplaces. Try it out when you're looking to freshen up your front porch. 

13. Deep blue

A deep blue is a studious option great for a front door that opens up into a library, sitting room, or entryway lined with bookshelves or fine art. If your door features windows, make sure your best vintage furniture is visible inside. 

14. Light blue-green

A very light blue-green looks equally lovely on a door facing an apartment balcony or a door attached to a rambling Southern front porch. No matter where you live, consider pairing the interior side of the door with wallpaper that brings out this soothing hue. 

15. Bright turquoise

Too many homeowners shy away from bright colors, fearing the final result. Let that fear go and paint your door a bright turquoise that looks great on both front doors and sliding interior doors. You'll be glad you tried something different and will also be amazed at how much it actually coordinates with.

16. Classic blue

For decades, Pantone has been declaring a single color over all the others each year, and in 2020, it was "classic blue." This solid, simple blue encompasses everything people love about this color, and it happens to look great on front doors around the world, too. 

17. Lapis lazuli

Lapis lazuli is a deep blue rock occurring in nature, stunning those who stumble across it with its beauty. Let that inspire you to paint your door a color that will stop those neighborhood dog walkers in their tracks — a beautiful blue that accentuates the entire home exterior. 

18. Mediterranean blue

Greece is well-known for its white and blue buildings, as prints, paintings, and photographs of its architecture are displayed all over the world. Bring a piece of the Greek shoreline home to enjoy whenever you'd like with a rich Greek blue door. 

19. Teal

Teal is a whimsical, creative color that knows how to brighten up a space without being overbearing. Pair it with a natural-colored door mat, some hanging plants or flowers — or leave it plain as an attractive stand-alone real estate statement piece. 

20. Blue with black

Blue doors don't always have to be bright or super noticeable — there are some deep blue-black hues that keep things serious if that's the feel you prefer. This door will look wonderful with silver hardware and surrounding black, gray, or tan walls. Try it with a black door mat and copper statues or planters. 

21. Neon blue

On the other end of the spectrum, neon blue just suits some folks. Dress up your front door or garage door with a very bright blue, either on its own or patterned with another bright color like canary yellow.