3 Colors You Should Never Paint Your Front Door

The front door of a home is usually painted in neutral, basic colors that match with the rest of the outside paint — think off-white, beige, or gray. And while neutral shades most often match with the rest of the house, there is untapped potential to level up the vibe in a new, fresh way that starts with the paint color you choose. It can really set the tone for the rest of the house and showcase the personality of the homeowner. According to Better Homes & Gardens, the front door is the first welcoming sign for visitors and guests. 

Whether you're looking to paint an existing front door and want something different, or you want to sell your current home and are seeking a shade that will attract buyers, we've got all the details. First, let's start with the three colors you should never paint your front door and why.

Three colors to avoid

According to The Painting Company, there are three colors to avoid when deciding on a shade to paint the front door. Those colors are orange, brown, and pale green.

While it may seem like a good idea to pick a shade a little more muted than yellow, orange should be avoided because of how challenging it can be to get right. It's tough to match the color to the rest of the outside paint and not look dirty. Additionally, a lot of homes are painted brown on the outside, so now is the chance to try something different. A brown door can seem outdated and old, and with so many shades available, why not opt for something new to really update the house? Finally, not to be confused with luscious, vibrant green, pale green in particular should be avoided. Not only is it tough to match with the rest of the house, but it can also get lost because it's a softer color.

Three colors to consider

Now that we've broken down the three colors you should never paint your front door, here are three that are great options and why you just may want to consider them. According to The Spruce, red is one of the most popular shades as it represents power and protection. If the rest of the home is designed with a feng shui style, a red door matches perfectly. 

If looking for a bold shade that is all about bringing that positive energy, go with black. Per The Spruce, this color can also help in attracting friendships and relationships, a far cry from the dark and Halloween-ish reputation of this shade. It's also a great color choice to up the resale value of the home. 

A bright hue full of happiness and personality, yellow can represent creativity and positivity, as noted by Home Advisor. It also complements a gray-shaded home beautifully by offering a pop of color.

Three unconventional colors to try

Now that we've covered the colors to avoid and the ones to consider, how about some fun colors that are slightly out-of-the-box but that surprisingly work? From pretty in pink to bold and bright purple, these shades are fun, play well with décor, and definitely make a statement. 

Pink on a front door is beautiful, easy to decorate, and complements outdoor flowers nicely, according to Home BNC. If a darker shade is more your style, opt for a dark royal purple. Deep purple is regal and sophisticated, while a lighter shade is more whimsical and fun. Purple is a great shade to showcase personal style and taste without opening the door. 

Lastly, consider a shade of blue. Like purple, the blue you choose represents different personalities and styles, according to Window World. A light blue is casual and go-with-the-flow, while a dark blue is conservative and organized. Visit a paint shop and see what shade speaks to you and go from there. 

Other ways to decorate your front door

A splash of paint on your front door may be all it needs to really elevate the home, but in case you want to take it a step further, there are many ways to make that happen. Den Garden suggests that adding a new doorknob or mail slot can make a difference; both changes are fairly cost effective, too. Another suggestion is to add lighting to create an ambiance for guests, but that can be expensive to install and use. 

Lastly, take a look at the front yard and see if you can incorporate nature as a form of décor. Beautiful flowers and succulents in pots can brighten up the space and make the connection between nature and the home, or even a climbing vine that can be arranged to rim the side of the door. Don't forget about the simplicity and ease of a front door wreath, either. While these may be the most popular around the holidays, a beautiful and evergreen magnolia wreath is beautiful, natural, cost-effective, and decorative.