Fall In Love With The La Mesa Mexican Artisan Collections At West Elm

Introducing West Elm's latest collection, La Mesa. According to West Elm, the retailer collaborated with eight Mexican artisan groups from all areas of the country. The idea is to showcase Mexico's craft culture while raising money for 510 local artisans. This collection not only benefits the individuals, it embraces and celebrates Mexican heritage as well. La Mesa, Spanish for "the table," represents the goal of the collection, which is to bring people together by sharing stories, meals, and traditions. Between all 510 artisans, the collection consists of nearly 65,000 one-of-a-kind items created using seven different crafting techniques, from sculpting to glassblowing.

As you browse through the La Mesa collaboration, you'll notice how much work and detail went into each piece, and by the end of your search, you may even have a better understanding of Mexican heritage, as well as an appreciation for its art. We promise you won't be disappointed. Without further adieu, let's take a closer look at the collection.

Guadalajara City

From the heart of Guadalajara City, you can find gorgeous glass vases to decorate your home in all shapes and sizes. Members of Guadalajara City's two artisan collectives create these through the art of glassblowing. According to Working the Flame, glassblowing is not as easy as it looks; it's a labor-intensive craft that requires years of study and time working as an apprentice to perfect the technique. Per West Elm, master glass blower Antonio Perez says for him it's a family business, which includes both his brothers and sons. Another practitioner of glassblowing is Leopoldo Fonseca, who explains how the art has supported his family for almost 30 years.

Check out the West Elm's pure recycled glass vases to bring a piece of Guadalajara City to you. These pieces range in cost from as little as $46 to as much as $405, depending on style and color. By purchasing glass items from the La Mesa collection, you'll know you're supporting Mexican artisans, while obtaining a one-of-a-kind piece for your home.


Within the city of Oaxaca lies El Árbol Zapoteco. The artisan collective is made up of 300 artists who have expertise in wool textiles and hand embroidery, says West Elm. One member of the collective, master artisan weaver Samuel Contreras Vicente, discusses his use of natural fibers and dyes created from indigo, marigolds, walnuts shells, and other various materials. He says this technique was passed down from his grandfather to his own father, and he plans on teaching it to his son to keep the tradition alive. This method also expresses Oaxaca's close connection to nature and Mexican heritage.

Items from the makers at Oaxifornia are included in this collection. Oaxifornia is a "collaborative project between artisans, designers, and artists in Oaxaca, Mexico," according to their website. As you search through the La Mesa collection, you'll come across the collective's handcrafted ceramic bowls, formed from barro rojo (otherwise known as red clay). Oaxifornia produces other vessels as well, crafted from the same terracotta clay.

San Miguel de Allende

Arte Bicentenario, an artisan collective located in San Miguel de Allende, is known for its 100% handcrafted terracotta pottery. According to West Elm, Arte Bicentenario is made up of 50 sculptors and 80 painters making pottery by hand. The goal of the collective is to export its items into international markets, which it has managed to accomplish over the past 11 years, Arte Bicentenario explains. The collective has established relations with countries like the United States, Canada, Colombia, New Zealand, and many more. Artisans specialize in four categories: gardening, decor, animal figurines, and dining essentials. 

Arte Bicentenario established a name for itself when it was honored with the National Award for Export Merit in 2016, and now, it is able to showcase its work through the La Mesa collaboration. If you're looking for decorative pieces for your home or garden (or both), take a look at some of the collective's detailed and enchanting work.