5 Creative Ways To Decorate Your Home With Vases

If your home is feeling a little bland and you are looking for ways to spice it up, you might want to turn your attention over to vases. This very common household item has been around forever and will probably be present in any home you walk into around the world. They come in a variety of different sizes, colors, shapes, and styles. You will definitely be able to find a style that suits your home. Real Homes suggests vases in a farmhouse-style home as well as in a maximalist decor but ultimately, vases can be used in almost any decor, given you choose the right one(s).

They are commonly used alone to hold flowers and decorate homes with roses, tulips, peonies, and any other flower you can think of. Their use is pretty simple and a great way to add some colorful flora to your space. However, what if there were more ways to use them than just the traditional way? When adding a vase to our home we tend to stick to the classic one vase, one bouquet. Yet, the household item holds so many different creative and different possibilities.

Clustering, using dried flowers instead of fresh ones, or furthermore, utilizing an oversize vase as a centerpiece on a dining table... The possibilities are endless but, for now, we'll stick to five that you can easily incorporate into your home.

A big vase as a table centerpiece

If you have a big dining table, you might think it seems a little empty when not in use by family for a nice weekend meal or by friends during dinner parties. When your table is not filled with a nice cheese board, barbecue ribs, or the annual turkey, what can you use to make it an active part of your decor every day?

You guessed it: a vase. Not just any vase though — a big vase. It all depends on the size of your dinner table but you'll want a vase that does take up quite a bit of space. You can fill it up with anything you'd like from a regular bouquet to, as suggested by Home Design Lover, fall leaves on long branches for the perfect autumn accent or a wildflower bouquet to add a rustic touch to your decor. This will really help make over your dining area and help it feel fresh and, all in all, a lot less empty during the day. When the table is in use, the vase can also be moved to the end in order to still decorate but not take up too much space.

Clustered matching set of vases

You can do this one of two ways. The first course of action would be to get a set of matching vases. You can buy them together since sets of multiple vases are sold in a lot of different stores. Or, you can create your very own unique set with different vases you like and that match. Cluster decorating with vases and flowers was mostly popularized with wedding table decor, proven by this selection of ideas by Martha Stewart. Ideally, what will make this setup work is if the vases are of different sizes. You can then place them pretty much anywhere you see fit. This is a good way to add detail to your decor so the best way to place these would be all together on a small table, on shelves, or even on a dresser; anywhere that feels empty and would benefit from a little pick-me-up.

The second option here would be to get or create a set of very tall floor vases. This option is unique in that not everyone has extra large vases used as floor decor. And yet, this simple element of decor is a great way to elevate any space and instantly make it feel fancier. The best way to do this is often to place 2 to 3 vases, 4 maximum, in an entryway or the corner of a room. You can decide to leave them empty or add a couple of tall branches — that's up to you!

Tall vases filled with branches

Speaking of tall vases and branches, another great and unique way to integrate vases into your home decor is with strategically-placed, abnormally tall vases. In an interview with The New York Times, Leia T. Ward, founder of LTW Design, an interior design and staging firm, talks about the importance of height when decorating a coffee table, and states she tends to use tall vases to make that vision come to life. Adding a tall vase to a mantel, dresser, coffee table, or any surface that feels a little empty is a great way to add height and a bit of life, not to mention its uniqueness is a great conversation starter for when you have guests over.

In terms of design, tall vases already have quite a presence to them with their size, so A Blissful Nest recommends going with a colorblock version which will likely make your space look clean while a patterned vase might make the area look cluttered, especially if you already have patterned decor items around. Glass vases are also always a good option and can be filled with display rocks which tends to be quite a popular way to use them.

Jug vases for dried flowers

This one will speak to the rustic style homes a little more than it might for those of you with modern or contemporary decor; although it could also serve as a good contrast element. Instead of the regular ol' vase, try grabbing jug-style vases. The difference here lies in that jugs tend to have an added handle that vases do not. In Stylist, jug vases are described as "characterful, quirky and homely," and for good reason. They tend to lend a very personal touch to a space and are unique in that most people usually go for a normal vase when deciding what to put their flowers in.

Additionally, you can fill your jug vase with dried flowers for a decor that will feel even more rustic. The great thing about dried flowers is that they will last you a lot longer than regular flowers. You also don't need to be particularly good with plants. According to Milla Rose, you can expect them to last a minimum of one year and up to six years.

Empty sculptural vases

Although it might seem weird to decorate your home with empty vases which, as we know, are usually used to hold flowers, you might not want to dismiss the idea right away. Often made of ceramic and according to Russh, also often textured and curved; the sculptural vase is the way to go if you want to subtly elevate a space and make it feel museum-like. They often feel quite modern as opposed to the jug vases above but will be easily adaptable depending on the pattern, color, material, and texture.

The best way to utilize this vase decor technique is by adding your sculptural vases to an empty table. You can add a couple of coffee table books or a key holder, maybe even a mini sculpture or some sort. The important thing to remember here is to keep it simple and elegant. This way of decorating won't look as good with a cluster around it as it might with a centerpiece vase or a set of matching vases.