The Best Hangers To Keep Your Closet Perfectly Organized

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As we live ours, it's common for our homes to become an unorganized mess. Our closets, however, are more prone to this as they are usually hidden from view. In addition to the unappealing scene, having a closet that is not organized can have negative impacts on one's life.

According to Organized Interiors, messy closets can not only cause unnecessary stress but can also cause you to waste more time. When a closet is in order, you mostly know where everything is located. However, when one is not in order, you will have to sort and shuffle through everything just to find a particular item. In fact, they state that disorganization can contribute to hundreds of hours wasted on a yearly basis. Likewise, a lack of organization can result in less storage space as everything is just thrown around. This can then cause you to lose and misplace items. Most importantly, a cluttered closet isn't good for your attire as clothes can become wrinkled and stretched out while shoes can be scuffed up and damaged.

However, it doesn't have to be this way. There are many products and hacks to give your closet a makeover and get it back in shape. One of the most essential items you can purchase to do this is hangers. While there are many options, here are the best hangers you can buy to keep your closet perfectly organized.

To splurge or not to splurge

Of course, hangers have expensive and inexpensive options like any other item on the market. For those with a few extra dollars to splurge, Real Simple suggests a set of five hangers by Kirby Allison. Costing around $35, they have two sizes available: petite, which is 15-inches, and standard, which is 17-inches. In addition, each size comes with a choice of three finishes, including traditional, natural, and Alfred. The shoulders of these hangers contain a notch to hold items with straps such as tank tops and velvet felt grip, so garments don't fall off. This product has been reviewed a total of 20 times and has received a 5/5 star rating.

In opposition, not everyone has a ton of money to spend on hangers. Luckily, Real Simple has a cheaper alternative they enjoy as well. Available on Amazon, these hangers come in a pack of 30 for just under $20. However, you can also buy a pack of 50 for around $25 or a pack of 100 for just over $40. While colors vary depending on the bundle option, they are available in 12 colors, including black and silver, ivory and beige, and gray and gold — just to name a few. Also, depending on the amount you purchase, there are three styles of these hangers: suit, shirt, and skirt. Out of 5-stars, this product has a 4.8 rating and has been reviewed globally over 170,000 times.

Other notable options

If neither of these choices strikes your fancy, there are a few other options you may want to consider. As per The New York Times Wirecutter, one of the best hangers you can buy is made by a brand called Proman Kascade. Fortunately, they are available at a couple of online retail locations, including Amazon, for $95 for a pack of 50. These hangers come in either natural or walnut shades. In addition, these save a vast amount of space as each hanger has an extra loop under the hook to place another hanger on it. There are notches on the ends of the shoulders to hang strappy items. Out of 287 reviews, this product has received 4.8-stars out of a 5-star rating.

In contrast, Wirecutter also recommends purchasing a six-pack of hangers from The Container Store. At just under $11, there are three types available that consist of a blouse, shirt, and shirt type with a bar. The blouse type has ridged edges to hold garments in place as well as notches to hold items with straps. Unlike this model, the shirt type doesn't have either of these designs and is instead a standard-looking hanger. As one might think, the shirt hanger with a bar is the same design as the shirt design but with a bar at the bottom to hold more garments. Recommended by 89% of users, this product has been reviewed 38 times and has a 4.7-star rating out of 5.