The Room You Should Invest The Most Of Your Remodel Money In, Per Renovation Impossible

Russell Holmes, the leading man of Renovation Impossible, knows a thing or two about remodeling homes. With over two decades of experience as a contractor, he is a master of problem-solving, according to Discovery. Fortunately, with experience comes knowledge, and like most contractors, he has worked with many people who have a limited budget and no idea what to do with it. When it is time to remodel, it is easy to let big dreams override logic, but Russell Holmes is there to help homeowners sort out their actual needs and make the most of their renovation bucks.

As a former mechanic, he might be biased. He certainly knows the best way to customize your garage, but if you need to make the most of your investment, that is not the place to put your money. However, there's no doubt in Holmes' mind that the best place to invest your remodel money and the first room to tackle during a renovation project is the kitchen.

Benefits of a remodeled kitchen

When Russell Holmes recently worked on Renovation Impossible with Kelly and Barry Newell who were embarking on a home renovation just before the birth of their child, the two were not sure where to start. According to Realtor, Holmes soon realized that Kelly had grand plans for each space while Barry was more concerned about the budget and wanted to save money. "I just need to figure out a way to make them both happy," Holmes concluded.

After looking at the house and talking to the couple, Russell made a plan. "The kitchen is going to be the first thing because it's the biggest return for you guys as far as money goes." Budget-concerned Barry stated that it sounded expensive, while Kelly thought the idea sounded great. "It's actually both of those," replied Holmes. "But it is the best place to put your money because we need to be able to have something that gives you guys an investment. And Barry, you said that you weren't afraid to invest money in something that made a good return. This will be the best return."

Russell Holmes is not the only expert who recommends starting with the kitchen when remodeling the house. Per Advantage Contracting, revamping this area first is a smart move because it's the space that can yield the best ROI, but it's also where the family spends more time. So you'd want to get this area done before moving to the other rooms.