3 Renter-Friendly Ways To Update Your Outdated Windows

Updating your home while you're a renter can be quite difficult, as you don't want to cause any issues you'll end up paying for later by losing your deposit. Some small things can be adjusted so long as you return them to their original state before the end of your lease. However, if you've moved into an older space, there are sure to be plenty of larger design aspects you're craving to update. For example, the unit's windows, which landlords are unlikely to update unless there are serious issues mostly because they won't reap the benefit of a return on their investment through higher rent, explains Avail by Realtor.com.

There are certain renter-friendly options for residents who would like to give their windows a fresh look. In regard to interior design, windows are one of the most important aspects, says Factory Direct. How they are designed determines the amount of natural light that flows into a space, and they can perpetuate a certain aesthetic. We've got a few tricks to help you create the design you've been longing for in a temporary and renter-friendly way.

Hole free drapery

If you're a renter who's been longing to design a dramatic living room with long, heavy drapery, we've got a few options for you. The idea of hanging drapery can be nerve-wrecking, as a typical installation includes drilling significantly sized holes into the wall. However, lifestyle blog The Homes I Made offers that there are alternatives that will keep the project renter-friendly. To start with, did you know that drapes can be installed with Command strips? Heavy duty options are able to hold curtain rods, and they come in a variety of sizes for whatever you need. These are easy to stick onto the wall and remove as well.

If your home already has drapery, and you want to hang something special, such as a valence, it's advised to use velcro. This product is typically double-sided and strong enough to hold whatever tailored window treatment you've chosen to complement your aesthetic. If you want your drapery to be more stylish, try using grommets for a more modern design.

Privacy with a bit of flare

You can kill two birds with one stone by applying window film. Not only does this option give your windows an updated look, it will provide privacy because the design blocks people from seeing inside, per Arts and Classy. You can really have fun with this; there are plenty of designs to choose from to accomplish whatever look you're going for, notes Decorative Films.

Window film is easy to apply. All you need is a squeegee, metal ruler, tape measure, an X-acto knife, and scissors. You'll first measure your windows, then use scissors to cut out those dimensions from your piece of film. Before applying, clean and wipe down the window, then spray warm, soapy water onto it right before applying the film. You'll then use a small squeegee to flatten out any air bubbles. Once your film is secure, use your X-acto blade to remove any pieces that are sticking out. If you install your window film correctly, it should be easy to peel off when you're ready to move, per Window Film Depot.


If you're able to get your landlord's approval, then painting your window trim is also an option, according to Repaint Now. Obviously keep it simple, as your landlord is less likely to agree if you request an eclectic color. We advise painting your window trim black. This is an easy way to create a sleek, modern, and clean design. It's also pretty simple to design around black, since it's neutral and can harmonize with either dark shades or bright colors, while creating eye-catching contrast.

Using this dark hue is also beneficial because it has the ability to hide any imperfections, notes Next Door and Window. If previous tenants had left scratch marks on the trim, painting it black is a great way to give it a fresh look. If you live in an apartment with giant windows and a beautiful view, using such a dark color will also help accentuate and frame the scenery.