3 Unexpected Colors To Use In Your Thanksgiving Decor

The leaves are beginning to fall, the air is becoming crisp, and we're all breaking out our pumpkin spice candles. It's officially autumn. With Thanksgiving around the corner, now is the time to start planning for this year's festive feast. We get to set the menu, break out the fine china, and start thinking through our seasonal decor.

While putting just as much effort into your environment as the details of your meticulously planned meal may seem like a frivolous task, according to a study published in SAGE Open, the colors that we incorporate into our living spaces can have a major impact on how we feel. So, instead of sticking with the typical autumnal tones like yellows and oranges, why not try out some new colors to add a unique touch to your decor and amp up your guests' sensory experience? A bit of unexpected flair might be the secret ingredient to hosting the perfect Thanksgiving dinner. With these tips, you'll be sure to impress even the most hypercritical of your family members.

Pretty in purple

Purple is a unique color that makes a bold statement. All you need to do is remember Prince for proof of that. While the luxurious hue may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Thanksgiving, it will definitely add an interesting pop of color to an otherwise autumnal palette. Purple sits right across the color wheel from the traditional yellows and oranges of the season, so incorporating this regal shade can produce major impact with minimal effort.

According to Very Well Mind, rich hues like eggplant and mulberry can evoke feelings of opulence because of their long-held association with royalty. Before the invention of synthetic dyes, purple was an incredibly expensive color to make, and its rarity in nature gives it a certain mystical and extravagant quality. If you're looking to create a five-star dining experience for your guests, consider bringing in florals like lavender or iris. Then incorporate some whimsy with colored glassware or even a plum tablecloth and napkins.

Green with envy

The bright leaves of summertime may have already faded, but incorporating green into your fall decor can reinvigorate that lush freshness at your table setting. Whether you opt for a more traditional deep emerald or a bright and airy mint, green will certainly take center stage, and it's not about to fade anytime soon.

With paint brand Sherwin Williams declaring a green tone as their color of the year for 2022, it's no shock that the earthy hue is making its way into our fall decor. It's one step up from a true neutral, and works with both cool and warm colors, so it's easy to mix and match with whatever your heart desires. Within the context of a Thanksgiving table setting, it can act as a counterbalance to keep you from veering too deep into the warm tones of autumn. To keep the look natural instead of cliché, bring out those evergreen branches and emerald napkins you were saving for Christmas a few weeks early.

Think pink

Many people are afraid to incorporate pink into their decor, and for good reason. If you lean in too far, the peppy shade can evoke images of sickly sweet candy, childhood bedrooms, and baby shower balloons. Use a light hand, however, and you may find that a touch of the perfect pink is what you needed all along.

If we take it back to elementary school art class, pink is just light red, meaning it blends in perfectly with the warm browns, oranges, and yellows of typical Thanksgiving decor. Keeping your shades dark and cozy can make your guests feel comfortable and warm, but they can also lean dreary. To brighten up the space while still keeping in line with the warm palette, bring in light peach and salmon tones. It even may make your visitors feel calmer and help soothe those infamous dinner table debates, suggests Color Psychology.

Decorating with the colors of the season is always a safe bet, but if you're looking for a change of pace, don't be afraid to experiment. Think outside the box — the results are sure to impress.