The Best 2022 Halloween Decorations At Walmart

It's officially Halloween season, and it's time to start preparing for the ghoulish activities to come at the end of the month. Do-it-yourself costume ideas, spooky party menus, and fall-themed activities are dominating our Pinterest boards, but here at House Digest, we're all about the home decor. That's why we've rounded up the best Halloween decorations available at Walmart this year.

When you think of Walmart, you may automatically think of rollbacks on groceries, but with over 10,000 locations worldwide, they're one of the most accessible places to find Halloween decor wherever you are in the country or around the globe (via Statista). We scoured the store's extensive online catalog to bring you our favorite selections no matter your aesthetic, and give you more time to focus on what really matters — stocking up on king-size candy bars, of course. Whether you're going for a creepy haunted mansion look, a kid-centric funhouse, or a witchy cottage, you're sure to be the best house on the block with these top picks.

For a big impact

According to Stackline, searches for inflatable Christmas-themed lawn ornaments have increased substantially in recent years. It's no surprise since these pieces are easy to store yet inflate to make a major impact on your front yard. They're certainly a simple, low effort way to flesh out a festive scene, but why should Christmas have all the fun? 

Just in time for the spookiest season on the year, the Walmart website is featuring an inflatable haunted house arch that stands over 9 feet tall. It comes pre-lit and will run you less than $100. A piece this large makes for an easy one-and-done display, especially if you're looking to go the quick and easy route. It could also act as a centerpiece for all of your other spooky decor. Place it at the end of your driveway for an easy-to-spot indicator to let trick-or-treaters know you're open for business, or go all in on the haunted house theme and use it to create an entryway to an even creepier scene beyond.

For the horror movie fans

If you're really looking to send a chill down the spine of passers-by, what's more effective than a killer clown? Depictions in popular culture from Stephen King's "It" to famous serial killers have turned clowns into an eerie character despite their previous goofy associations, and their cartoonish makeup can actually make viewers feel uncomfortable or unsettled, suggests Geisinger Health. Add one of these to your Halloween decorating, and you're sure to cause a few frights in the neighborhood.

Walmart offers an animatronic clown that comes pre-loaded with motion-activated creepy catchphrases and movements to catch your guests off guard and get their hearts pumping. The decoration may be unnerving, but there won't be any jump scares when it comes to the quality. With almost 200 reviews and 4.4 stars, this Scary Harry is a crowd-favorite decoration for horror movie lovers and pranksters everywhere. The item does require some assembly to get going, but after setting up the pieces and inserting some batteries, it's ready cause some terrified screams.

For a dose of realism

Skeletons are a mainstay of Halloween decorating trends, and it's no surprise why. Creepy plastic bones add a realistic spooky touch without looking too gory, and give you the freedom to play around with funny scenes and creative placements. The Walmart website carries a decorative bag of bones that will only run you around $12 compared to the much heftier price tag of a full-size skeleton. These bones are still going to seriously up the haunt factor in any graveyard scene you might be planning. Scatter them across your front lawn, place them next to some weathered headstones, or customize the skulls with accessories to create a theme or storyline. This is the perfect time to let your spooky muse shine.

It's easy to soar past a reasonable budget when it comes to Halloween decor, but Walmart always has options at an affordable price. So go pick out some ghostly pieces and get decorating!