Why An Expert Says You May Need Pest Control Every Month - Exclusive

Most homeowners view pest control as a service that's only necessary once they begin seeing the telltale signs of mice, roaches, and other invasive pests within their homes. While this attitude might make sense at face value, it also belies just how destructive (and expensive) pest damage can be for the average homeowner. According to Orkin, termites alone cost Americans $5 billion every year, with a significant portion of that amount going toward repairs caused by infestations. As such, it's easy to see how taking a preventative approach to pest control can actually save homeowners a bundle of cash in the long run, especially when compared to dealing with a serious pest problem that's already taken root.

According to Sholom Rosenbloom, owner of Rosenbloom Pest Control, sometimes it's already too late by the time you see the mouse scurrying across your kitchen floor. "When it comes to pest control, you will want to contact a professional to ensure the job is done correctly. Here are just a few reasons why you would benefit from having a regular pest control schedule," said Rosenbloom in an exclusive interview with House Digest.

Pest control can protect your health

Pests can wreak havoc on more than your home's structures and furnishings. According to the EPA, household pests spread a wide array of dangerous (and even fatal) disorders and diseases, including Lyme disease, the Zika virus, and asthma symptoms. Having been a primary cause of a number of public health disasters spanning back to the Black Plague, it's no wonder why many homeowners take pest control very seriously. However, unfortunately for homeowners who tend to keep a messy house, you are most likely to find pests in areas where humans congregate and eat their meals.

"Pests can become highly detrimental to your health and the health of others if you allow them to accumulate within your home," said Rosenbloom. "Pests, commonly rodents, ants, and cockroaches, are attracted to food scraps and can bury into the food stored inside your house. Keeping pests out of your home can prevent them from getting into areas such as your kitchen."

Pest control can save you money

Let's face it, unless you're a renter, pest control isn't going to be provided for free. As such, it's understandable that the cost of pest control is a primary reason many homeowners forgo the service — even when their home is in dire need of it. Unfortunately, though, ignoring your home's pest problem may cost you a lot more money than a monthly pest control plan. According to a Forbes survey, nearly half of homeowners surveyed have experienced some degree of structural damage to their homes, despite the fact that a majority of the homeowners were unwilling to pay more than $200 for pest control measures.

"Many pests love to eat through wood and organic fibers, which can cause damage to your house," Rosenbloom explained. "This then leads to having to do costly repairs."

While monthly pest control is bound to have a financial impact on the average homeowner, structural damage to one's home can come with a price tag that may have generational consequences. For this reason, becoming educated on your home's pest control needs and acting accordingly should be seen as a no-brainer for homeowners seeking to protect their investments.