Black And White Bedroom Ideas You'll Want To Copy In Your Own Space

Black and white is a classic and simple color combo for home décor: If done correctly, it can create an impactful design due to its high contrast. This is called a monochromatic color scheme, and it works by using one hue as the base for your room but also introducing different variations of that same pigment. The process of using a monochromatic scheme when designing your home is considered to be a much easier approach to design, as you don't have to spend extra time finding the right complementary shades. This style can also easily create a sense of color harmony in your home.

If high-pigment hues make you cringe, then you'll love the black and white bedroom ideas we've found. These various designs show how you can make these two opposite colors an interesting and stylish combo by introducing certain design characteristics, such as pattern and texture.

1. Keep it basic

The black and white décor in this bedroom is pretty basic, but the contrast makes it visually interesting. The black headboard is a nice backdrop that complements the bright and crisp white bedding.

2. Create coziness

Black and white can tend to look bland and sterile. However, if you introduce soft textures, such as a tufted bed frame, the color combo can create a sense of coziness and comfort.

3. Wallpaper

If you want to make your bedroom look interesting, then adding some wallpaper will do the trick. Although this pattern is simple, it adds enough interest to tie the room together.

4. Stripes

Stripes are always a great design tactic to make something look taller or wider. The contrasting color combo here visually widens the bed, while the vertical stripes on the pillows add some height.

5. Fun décor

Include some exciting black and white décor to avoid creating a stale design. Although the white part of the bike blends in with the wall, the black wheels sure do pop out!

6. Chalk wall

A chalk wall is a perfect way to continuously customize your room. You can stick to your basic color scheme or introduce a new pattern or work of art whenever you feel like it.

7. Use your imagination

Use your creativity to build a design that comes to life. For example, this city stencil behind the bed is an adorable substitution for a headboard. It pairs well with the hanging fairy lights and really creates a chic aesthetic.

8. Victorian era

Although you might not believe it, black and white can be used to create an elegant and sophisticated Victorian-style bedroom. The bed is off-white, which makes the curtains look even brighter, while the black furniture in the corner is bold and exquisite against the white brick wall.

9. Nursery

Black and white color schemes aren't just for adults, as they can be used in children's rooms as well. The palette is easy to put together and will look great with other colors if you choose to incorporate them later.

10. Just a touch of color

If having only black and white in your bedroom is a bit underwhelming, adding a touch of color isn't a bad idea. Of course, you want to mainly stick to the two hues, but adding a hint of blue on your bed or a green plant in the corner can make your room more lively. 

11. Drapery

Black drapery will block out the sun more, while white drapery will softly filter out the light and create an ambient glow. What you prefer will decide the color of the drapery you should choose.

12. Bohemian style

You can create any aesthetic with these two colors as long as the right pattern and décor are used. Here, they've created a bohemian aesthetic by using bedding with a large leaf-print pattern. The long wood blinds and various plants around the room make the space boho.

13. Various textures

This black and white bedroom was made interesting through the various textures, from the tufted headboard to the shag rug, as well as the leather ottoman and sheer drapery.

14. Gray

Gray is just a lighter version of black, so adding it to this color scheme will only enhance it. Here, the gray wall adds not only texture but is a complementary backdrop to the black and white décor.

15. Clean, straight lines

The straight, black lines help create a balanced room with rhythm. The décor is very clean-cut and keeps the eyes focused on the contrasting colors.

16. Reflective décor

The reflective décor in this bedroom helps keep it bright. For example, the metal table lamps reflect the light, and so does the mirror over the dresser.

17. Only a touch of black

Some of us prefer for our bedrooms to be bright and less dramatic. If most of your room is white, you don't have to put an equal amount of black décor. Just adding a few touches here and there will create enough contrast.

18. Add warmth

If you'd like to add warmth to your black and white color scheme, introduce different wood tones. The wood's warm undertones will help create a warmer and cozier environment.

19. Black walls

For something more dramatic, we suggest painting your bedroom walls black. All your white décor will look great against a dark wall, creating a perfect space for rest.

20. Different shapes

You can incorporate different shapes to keep your space interesting. Here, the homeowners introduced oval mirrors, square paintings, and table lamps with triangular shades to the bedroom.