These Are The 15 Best Renovations Featured On Good Bones

After seven seasons on HGTV with "Good Bones," mother-daughter duo Mina Starsiak Hawk and Karen Laine have made our jaws drop over and over again with amazing house transformations. The founders of Two Chicks and a Hammer, an Indianapolis, Indiana-based construction and real estate flipping company, are committed to revitalizing Indianapolis neighborhoods, one house at a time. Unlike the typical Chip and Joanna Gaines model of buying the worst house in the best neighborhood, Mina and Karen look to deindustrialized areas where homes are often abandoned and derelict, buying at low prices and investing much of their own money in their home renovations. And these two are known for keeping it real on the show, which is part of what makes them so loveable, says Country Living. 

We were lucky enough to speak with Mina Starsiak Hawk in an interview about her new show, "Good Bones: Risky Business," which premiered in early September 2022. And to get ourselves pumped up for the new spinoff series, we wanted to look back at some of our favorite renovations from the original "Good Bones" series. 

1. Robin egg blue cottage

An Office Becomes A Home, Season 2, Episode 3

Mina and Karen turn a dilapidated countertop manufacturing business into a functional, ultra-cozy home. Our favorite detail has to be the robin egg blue scalloped siding and mirror-tiled fireplace. 

2. Industrial meets boho glam home

Little Pink House on Palmer, Season 4, Episode 3

When the ladies purchased this awkward 1 bedroom duplex for $30,000, we couldn't wait to see what they'd do with it. They took down walls, played with color, and created a darling tiny kitchen that we'd love to cook a meal in. 

3. Breezy and beautiful, but not easy

Free House Expensive Reno, Season 5, Episode 8

With an all-in budget of $60,000, we didn't have high hopes for the run-down 2-bedroom property. When they created a space that felt homey, luxe, and family-friendly, we were blown away. We were especially charmed by the swinging bed in the kid's room. 

4. Rough shack to love shack

Starting from Scratch, Season 5, Episode 8

Having a hard time recognizing that house on the left? It was hit by a car and couldn't be saved. For $10,000, this deal was too good not to take on. Luckily, they were able to pull off an amazing rebuild and make a $40,000 profit. 

5. Hoarders horror show

Saddest Home on Sanders Street, Season 3, Episode 2

The left panel may look like something out of "Hoarders" instead of "Good Bones." This house had creepy doll moulds and sinking appliances and had to be torn down. But the home they erected in its place is stunning. We are especially fond of the butcher block countertop. 

6. To bistro table, or not to bistro table

The Greenwich Village Townhome, Season 5, Episode 4

When Karen stepped back from Two Chicks, there were some communication mishaps. In this episode, Karen and Mina disagree about creating a bistro area in the narrow alleyway. To compromise, Mina installed French doors, and the prospective buyers loved this thoughtful, dog-friendly detail.

7. Duplex to single family home

Duplex Remodel Double Trouble, Season 1, Episode 10

Turning a duplex into a standalone home isn't as easy as just smashing down a few walls, but the "Good Bones" crew manages to do it with style and class. Our favorite detail of the episode? Karen's reclaimed dinosaur toy she turns into an objet d'art. 

8. 50 shades of brown

Eyesore Overhaul, Season 2, Episode 9

Bought for $45,000, this Bates Hendricks haunt was at the high end of their initial investments. With a ton of space and bizarre use of wood paneling, they had their work cut out for them. They were able to transform this "turd on a hill" into a breezy, coastal cottage. 

9. Shaky grounds

Small House, Big Problems, Season 2, Episode 11

Having a tough time imagining how a 730 square feet house filled with trash with a foundation that's resting on a car jack becomes a cozy, spacious home? That's what "Good Bones" is for. They managed to infuse it with style and charm, including herringbone butcher block countertops. 

10. Starting fresh

Empty Lot To Home Sweet Home, Season 3, Episode 7

Breaking with traditions is what separates "Good Bones" from other renovation shows, and in this episode, Karen and Mina start with a blank canvas on an empty lot. They build up a darling boho-chic bungalow that would attract the hippest of individuals. 

11. Fountain Square fanatics

Shiplap Surprise, Season 4, Episode 5

In the Fountain Square neighborhood, house values have skyrocketed, meaning you get less house for your money nowadays. Mina and Karen worried they wouldn't be able to make a functional but welcoming floor plan, but they knocked our socks off. The crown jewel of the house is the shiplapped eat-in kitchen. 

12. Tree-riddled foundation

Eastside Americana Cottage, Season 7, Episode 2

The duo purchased this house sight unseen and, upon arriving, immediately saw the crooked foundation totally overwhelmed by stray tree roots. In addition to fixing the foundation, they also added a second story and addition to the house. Our favorite part is easily the reclaimed piano-turned-bench detail. 

13. Italiano inspo

Teardown To Italian Treasure, Season 6, Episode 9

If you've watched a lot of "Good Bones," you know these ladies don't tear down homes easily. But for this fire-damaged Arizona Street spot, it was a must. They built a massive home with plenty of Tuscan villa charm, including a countryside mural and black iron railing. 

14. Campfire to craftsman

A Charred Charmer For Cory, Season 6, Episode 2

Mina's brother fell in love with this Southside craftsman bungalow. This darling home needed major work on its foundation, costing a tiny fortune to repair, but they really nailed the balance between coziness and high-end laddish, leather-bound details. 

15. Scandi chic reno

From Burned Out To Boho Nordic, Season 7, Episode 5

This torched house was in need of major loving. Mina and Karen borrowed influences from modern farmhouse and Scandi designs to create a family-friendly, boho, ultra-comfy home. And best of all, it's right behind Mina's brother's spot in Southside!