25 Ways To Make Your Tired Bathroom Look More Luxe

Because the bathroom is typically reserved for functional purposes, it may not be your absolute main concern when designing your home. However, how you style this space may be more important than you think. According to L'Essenziale, a well-designed bathroom can increase your property's value if you're thinking about selling. Not only that, but it can also make getting ready in the morning and winding down at night much more convenient and enjoyable. And this small room can be a great place to take creative liberties and really showcase your personal style.

A great way to improve your bathroom's appearance is by giving it some luxurious touches. While a full renovation could cost you thousands of dollars, improving smaller aspects of this room's design will be much more cost-efficient. Further, incorporating a few luxe bathroom features may remind you of a spa or a hotel, which could help you relax. If you want to add a more expensive aesthetic to your bathroom, below are 25 ideas you could try.

1. Incorporate a touch of brass

A brass sink faucet or another brass element will grant your bathroom a unique appearance. Because this metal is more expensive than some options, it will give your space a more high-end feel. 

2. Use a wallpaper design

Wallpaper will infuse personality into your space while also making it appear more luxurious. In addition, because the bathroom is typically one of the smallest areas in the home, it's a great place to try out loud patterns.

3. Go all out with a fireplace

A fireplace in the bathroom is sure to provide a more luxe feel. This opulent element could be installed on a wall, placed in the corner, or included near the bathtub. 

4. Hang plants

Hanging plants is an easy and inexpensive way to make a room appear grander. Plants will also give your bathroom a more natural feeling that reminds the viewer of the outdoors.

5. Consider a chandelier

Chandeliers, especially those with crystals, will give your bathroom a richer aesthetic. A large light fixture could be suspended above the bathtub or in the middle of the room. 

6. Think about adding marble

Marble countertops, floors, or walls will give this room a more expensive appearance. However, if you're on a budget, you could try lining your walls with patterned marble wallpaper.

7. Bring in a bathtub shelf

An easy way to upgrade your bathtub setup is by adding a shelf. Not only will this make your tub appear more deluxe, it will also make it more functional, as a shelf can be a great place to set your wine glass or a book while enjoying a bubble bath.

8. Make your space airier with skylights

Skylights will increase the amount of natural light that filters into your room without decreasing your privacy. They are a great way to make your bathroom feel larger without actually adding more floor space. 

9. Increase the coziness with wooden features

While cool tones can make a room feel more expensive, mixing tones will give your space a more dynamic and cozy appearance. A great way to do this is by adding a wooden feature to a cool-toned bathroom.

10. Freshen your space with florals

A simple and cheap way to upgrade your bathroom's style is by placing a vase filled with fresh flowers on the counter or a shelf. Pair it with a candle and a decorative tray to really sell the expensive vibes. 

11. Remove your old showerhead

An old showerhead can make a bathroom feel outdated. Instead, try replacing it with a newer version; those with a handheld faucet look extra luxe.

12. Keep it minimalistic

Keeping your design simple, with solid, neutral colors and no patterns, will give your space a more hotel-like feel. 

13. Suspend eucalyptus in the shower

Tying eucalyptus around your shower head is sure to make you feel like you're getting the spa treatment, as this plant will give your space a fresh scent. 

14. Create interest with floor tiles

A loud, patterned floor can add more interest to your bathroom. Additionally, the right tiles could even make your space feel larger and grander.

15. Soften the space with color

While neutral shades are essential, adding some color will soften your bathroom and make it feel more inviting. This could be done through small decorative accents or a larger piece, like the above green wall divider. 

16. Fill empty walls with artwork

Another way to add some personality to your space is by hanging artwork on the walls. A gallery wall would really make your bathroom stand out and feel well-designed. 

17. Install the right hooks

Bathrooms that use generic hook designs can appear boring and purely functional. Instead, replace your outdated hooks with something that adds more interest, like the pegboard above. 

18. Focus on the ceiling

A great way to make your bathroom feel more thorough is by including an interesting design on the ceiling. For example, you could add a bold paint color, a wallpaper design, or wooden panels.

19. Embrace gold elements

Including gold or rose gold in your bathroom is sure to make it feel more expensive. You could do this through the faucets, light fixtures, or even the towel rack. 

20. Transform your shower with a glass door

If you're thinking about remodeling your shower, get rid of the curtain and replace it with a glass door, which will give the room a more luxe and clean appearance.

21. Place tiles behind the vanity

Installing tiles on the wall behind the vanity, and extending them to the ceiling will make your bathroom appear larger and more expensive. 

22. Include a chair

Because chairs are not necessary in the bathroom, having one is quite the luxury. However, chairs and stools can be a great way to showcase your personal style.

23. Decrease the clutter

Nothing makes a bathroom appear dirtier and less put together than excessive clutter. Store your items away in drawers and cabinets to elevate your room's design.

24. Add a textured rug

Texture will give your room a more dynamic appearance. A great way to add texture is through a rug, which could be placed in front of the vanity, bathtub, or shower. 

25. Replace your boring mirror

Replacing the typical rectangular mirror with two round ones will give your vanity a more personalized and interesting appearance.