Why Your Bathroom Is The Ideal Place For Color In Your Home

Opting for a colorful bathroom is one of the best moves you can make as a homeowner. While many people choose to stick to a neutral or monochromatic design, these spaces are ideal for big or small pops of color. Maybe the rest of your home leans toward these aesthetics, but you're curious about bolder, louder décor. It might be that you're not totally ready to commit to a larger-scale paint or tiling job but are craving something to tide you over.

All of these are great reasons to use your bathroom spaces for a pop of color. Whether you're craving darker, heavier shades or light and bright tones, these smaller areas can be your testing point or the ones that exude the eclectic nature of your interior design mindset. In addition, Sharper Impressions Painting Co. notes that washrooms can also be aesthetically pleasing despite being an extremely useful and functional space. So if you're ready to discover what awaits you on the color wheel, check out why your bath area is the best place to do it.

They stand up to wear and tear

One of the best reasons to implement color into your bathroom is that it sees a lot of daily wear and tear and, therefore, can benefit from painted walls or tiles. Splashing, steamy showers, and even makeup tend to get everywhere in this setting, but when you have good paint on the surfaces, you won't notice the marks, droplets, or stains as much. Investing in a good mixture is key, so always check that the colors you're looking at are waterproof and can hold up to heat and steam.

If you're implementing tiles or other colorful pieces on the walls or counters, using both bright or dark shades can create an engaging aesthetic. While your bathroom is there to serve a purpose, it doesn't need to be boring or, worse, lay forgotten during the decorating process. Explore different hues, shades, and tones that contrast nicely, then mix in colorful accents that blend well with the aesthetic.

According to Impressive Interior Design, the bathroom is second only to the kitchen in need of a good working design, and while the layout of the space is important, the theme is equally effective. In the practice of feng shui, these rooms are thought to drain good energy and benefit from happy, emotionally uplifting designs. The more colorful your bathroom, the better it will stand up to regular use, and it will make people feel happy when they use it.

Bathrooms are smaller and easier to explore with color

One other perk of using color in your bathroom is that it is one of the smaller spaces in most homes and, therefore, easier to deck out without blowing the bank or investing tons of time in designing it. If you're considering incorporating bold pops of color throughout your whole dwelling, starting with the smaller wash areas will allow you to sit with the hues you picked and determine if they would suit the rest of the spaces. Think of decorating your bathroom as a test run — if you end up loving the bright or intense tones and want to see more of them, you know you're ready to spread them throughout the rest of the house.

On the other hand, if the color scheme looks good but sometimes feels too loud, you can simply leave that area as the colorful experiment and keep the rest of your abode a more subtle, neutral design. According to Smart Property Investment, adding a pigment to your bathroom creates a calming, welcoming ambiance while also making the user feel uplifted and positive. You don't have to sign up for a whole home makeover, but a little color in the commode never hurt anyone.