30 Stylish Bathroom Paint Colors That You'll Love

If you're upgrading your bathroom, it's the perfect time to pick a fresh, new paint color for your walls. Look for something that gives you a feeling of comfort and matches the décor you're intending to use. You can find color combo ideas from nature and from advertising, like this list of great combination ideas from Tailor Brands. The right hues can make a boring bathroom stylish again. Of course, you'll want to freshen up your décor, bathroom rugs, shower curtain, and even give your tub a good scrub, too.

If you're really not sure where to start, this list of stylish paint colors is sure to offer you some inspiration. Whether you're looking for something light and simple or dark and designer, there's something perfect ahead. Even if you'd rather have a bright bathroom filled with fun and adventurous colors, this list will help you pick the perfect shade for your upgraded lavatory look.

1. Pretty pale blues

If you like simple, but stylish, you can opt for milder colors and still come out with a bathroom you love. The pale blue shade makes the bright blues in the tiled part of the wall pop even more.

2. Lemon fresh cabinets

You don't even have to paint the walls to add some color to your bathroom; consider adding a bright color to the cupboards instead. These yellow cabinets give the white bathroom a brighter and happier look.

3. Romantic reds

Red isn't your typical bathroom color, but it gives some seriously romantic vibes to this cozy tub. If red is one of your favorites, don't be afraid to use it in your restroom.

4. Peach perfection

Peach is a stylish color that makes for a relaxing bathroom atmosphere. This is the perfect place for comforting soaks in the tub.

5. Playing with pinks

Pink is a great bathroom paint color, as it definitely livens things up. This deeper shade of pink offers a bit of a Victorian feel, even more so with the right décor.

6. Bursting yellows

Mornings in this bright yellow bathroom are sure to be motivating. The black and white checkered flooring adds a classy touch, too.

7. Go even brighter

The yellowest of yellows — this bathroom is filled with morning energy. It's like a freshly-squeezed lemon in your caffeinated tea.

8. Soak in seas of turquoise

This pale turquoise shade is enough to make you want to go see the ocean, but you'll have to settle for a soak in the tub. This color pairs well with white, beige, gray, and more.

9. Delve into deep greens

This shade of green almost has a gray hue to it. It has a classic look, making this bathroom a stunning spot to visit. It pairs well, also, with rustic décor. 

10. Pairing coral and minty green

Some paint color pairings seem to work perfectly together, and this is one of them. This bathroom is delightfully romantic and relaxing with these two shades working together.

11. Light sage green energy

Bring the outdoors inside with this serene sage green bathroom paint color. Houseplants add a natural accent, too.

12. Pretty blue doors

Even if you don't have a lot of wall space to paint in your bathroom, you can still add a splash of color to the cabinets. These blue doors give this bright loo a pool vibe.

13. Combine shades

It can be fun to pick a couple of shades of the same basic color and use them to create a dimensional look in your bathroom. These lighter and brighter blue paint colors look amazing together.

14. Deep purples

The pairing of purple and medium gray in this restroom gives it a gothic look without going too dark. The purple is rich and pleasing to the eyes and brings life to the gray.

15. Cool color combos

You might not think of pairing peach and purple, but this paint color combo makes for a cool-looking bathroom. It's bright, fun, and unique.

16. Pairing purples

For people passionate about purple, two purples are better than one. The color differences are small between these shades, but it's enough to make the door, art, rug, and towel stand out from the drabber hue of the wall.

17. Lush lavender lavatory

Lavender is a relaxing color, perfect for bringing life and comfort to your bathroom. It pairs well with white, gray, and black, but it also looks striking when paired with yellow.

18. Denim blues

Stylish deep blue paint colors like this one work great in the bathroom. This denim tone almost looks like it has a hint of green if you look at it long enough.

19. Crisp blues

While the striking combo of this blue, black, and gray bathroom looks stylish and classic, the blue would look great paired with white alone. Blues make great picks for bathroom paint colors.

20. Pretty in pink

Pink has a stylish vibe all its own. This deep pink tone is reminiscent of Victorian style. It's beautiful as the focal color of a bathroom or combined with other rich colors.

21. Creamsicle comfort

Brighten your days and nights with this tasty paint color. It's like a creamsicle exploded in here! Not sure if orange will work for you? Pair it with whites and even wood grains.

22. Radiant orange peel

When you freshly peel yourself out of bed in the morning, this bright orange paint color will help you get wide awake. The white baseboards make this a crisp and stylish bathroom design.

23. Darkest of blues

This navy blue is so dark it almost looks black, proving that bathrooms don't need bright colors to look classy. This dark shade makes the white commode look even crisper and clean.

24. The palest of blues

Go for a simple style with just a hint of blue. It's better than white and off-white, and it pairs well with a plethora of colors so you can have fun with shower curtains, towels, and décor.

25. Spring greens

Whether you think it looks like the first sprigs of life in spring or the flesh of a delicious pear, this crisp green gives a classy look to any bathroom. 

26. Dark gray greatness

A fabulous dark gray bathroom hides all of the dirt while adding an air of mystery. Pair it with something fun, like the gold embellishments in this image.

27. Classy black bathroom

You won't find anything classier than a black bathroom. It's only dark and gloomy if you let it be. The marble accent and crisp white sink make this room look gorgeous.

28. Easy gray and white

White is a stylish color, especially for bathrooms, but you can liven it up some without going crazy with the paint colors (if that's your preference). This gray accent wall gives the room a little something extra while sticking with the clean look.

29. Pool vibes

The watery blue ceiling and cabinet accents give this white bathroom a beautiful shot of color and make it feel like a relaxing pool or spa.

30. Blush of pink

Add just a blush of pink to your bathroom to get away from the basic white paint colors. This light pink pairs well with wood, or make it even classier with some black cabinets.