Our Favorite Halloween Home Decor From Disney

If you love all things Disney and all things Halloween, you've probably been perusing the Halloween section on shopDisney for some time now. While their website offers plenty of trick-or-treat costumes and seasonal accessories, did you know they also have an impressive home décor selection? They even offer a small number of items that are specific to spooky season. But it's easy to get overwhelmed and to feel unsure of what is actually a good purchase. 

We wanted to find five of the best Halloween home décor pieces from Disney without just limiting ourselves to classic jack-o-lantern Mickeys. To help us narrow it down, we looked for pieces that are aesthetically interesting, whimsical, lightly spooky, and have a functional purpose. Many of our picks work throughout the year but just have that little touch of Disney magic that makes you excited to use them each day. If you want to stretch your love of Disney through the seasons, you may even be thinking about creating a full Disney-inspired home

1. The Haunted Mansion Porcelain Tray

We're always looking for ways to take the magic of Disneyland at Halloweentime home, and while we can't wear our ears 24/7, The Haunted Mansion Porcelain Tray is a tasteful nod to the beloved attraction, The Haunted Mansion. It specifically pays homage to Madame Leota, the leader of the attraction's seance, who is one of the many reasons for the attraction's incredible fan base, says Imagineer Podcast

At $17.99, it is a licensed piece of memorabilia that won't break the bank. As you can see in this photo, this tray is small, measuring just 8 inches long by 5¼ inches wide and ½ an inch high, so this isn't a super functional option for breakfast in bed or displays. Unfortunately, because of its size, you can't put too much on it, or you'll block all of the ghoulish graphics and text. Instead, use it for holding coasters, as a drink-saving tray, or mount it to the wall as unique décor. The website's description also doesn't include care instructions, so you may need to hand wash it after each use. This spooky piece combines gothic, macabre details and Disney nostalgia. 

2. Mickey Mouse Halloween Hour Glass

While this Mickey Mouse "Sound Cartoon" Halloween Hour Glass has some spooky elements, including its sleek silhouette and the classic black and white artwork that calls back to Disney's Mickey Mouse in "Sound Cartoon: The Haunted House" (1929). Placing small nods to characters is one way that She Knows recommends tastefully incorporating Disney décor into your home. You can display this $39.99 hour glass on its own or on the included wooden display stand. The base has a magnet, and the glass is filled with magnetic sand, which pulls the sand toward it. This is great for Halloween or for year-round décor for a classic animation enthusiast. 

Despite its name, this hour glass does not have sand that runs for an hour (according to reviews)! If you plan to use this as an actual hour-long timer, you'll find yourself flipping it back and forth every few minutes. And because of its shape and weight, it can be tipped easily, so you'll need to have it on a solid surface out of the way of pets and little ones. 

3. The Nightmare Before Christmas Countdown Clock

Why should advent calendars only come out for Christmas? The Nightmare Before Christmas Light-Up Countdown Clock Calendar can help you count down the days to Halloween and Christmas in the true spirit of "The Nightmare Before Christmas." If you love the uniquely creepy aesthetic of Tim Burton's classic, this $59.99 clock tastefully weaves fun and purpose together. Changing the numbers over each day is also a good way to get little ones excited for the holidays, says Very Well Family.

This is a manual countdown calendar, not a functional 12-hour clock. And even with that in mind, you will need to change the numbers and hands over each day. As one reviewer puts it, "Think of it as a sculpture, or you will be disappointed." Regardless, this holiday decoration can be used for multiple months, and it is a great buy for fans of "The Nightmare Before Christmas" aesthetic who want things a little bit spooky throughout the holidays. 

4. The Skeleton Dance and The Haunted House Plate Set

Serve up a piece of pumpkin pie or Halloween treats on this black and white four-piece The Skeleton Dance and The Haunted House Plate Set, or use them to create a Disney-themed display in your china cabinet for the spooky month. For the price of $49.99, you will receive four plates, each measuring approximately 8 inches. Each plate has a scene from "Silly Symphony, The Skeleton Dance" (1929) or Mickey Mouse in "Sound Cartoon: The Haunted House" (1929). The fun and lightly creepy animation are some of the earliest works of Walt Disney (via Britannica). 

These functional dessert plates add a dash of scary entertainment to dinnertime. From a purely practical point, these plates are not microwave or dishwasher-safe. So if you dread hand-washing dishes and plan to use these plates for serving food, this might not be the right fit. 

5. The Nightmare Before Christmas Candle

Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas Candle can work as, yes, a candle holder, but also as a trinket dish. For $34.99, a candle is included with this stoneware jar and lid, but once it's burnt out, you aren't left with a useless dish. You can either add a new candle to the stoneware dish or use it as a place to put your keys or jewelry. It would be lovely with fall-scented candles or just perched on your mantle as a menacing urn. 

We always hate to see a beautiful candle jar go to waste, but this candle holder and lid are meant to be reused, but it may be difficult to get the residual wax from the bottom of this vessel. One tip from Quick Candles is to freeze the jar to make the wax super solid and easy to remove, allowing you to can repurpose the jar around the house.