30 Disney-Inspired Home Designs That Will Make Any Fan Excited

Who doesn't want to live in a castle? Or on a faraway, secret island? Disney movies create not only fascinating storylines but also the beautiful scenery where all their different characters live. According to History, Walt Disney was founded in 1923 and is now the biggest and most well-known company in the world. Best known for the creation of Mickey Mouse, the company has made hundreds of other memorable characters, such as Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Moana, Mulan, and Princess Tiana, as well as cute and fluffy creatures such as Stitch. The creative, fun, romantic, and adventurous plots can make any fan want to live in their fantasy world.

You, too, can live in a magical world by transforming your home or your kid's room into the Disney theme of your choice. Disney Fashionista says there are a few ways to go about this. First, grab as many discounted items as possible. Then, ensure to use plenty of bright colors to fulfill a glamorous Disney effect, like the bright blue color you see on Cinderella's dress. Lastly, here are a few Disney-based home designs to inspire you.

1. Minnie and Mickey Mouse wall

This is a fun and cute DIY project you can do with your kids! All you need is some foam balls of different sizes and a polka dot ribbon to complete this look. This would be enjoyable either in a children's bedroom or playroom.

2. Beauty and the Beast

Your kids can feel like they're in Belle's castle with this overall design. With the right drapery, decorative motif, and bedding, you can also be successful in achieving this overall look.

3. Cinderella's bedroom

Disney-inspired designs don't have to be complicated. This Cinderella design is beautiful and elegant with light blue walls, bedding, and sheer, white drapes for contrast. The side table and chair also make a lovely corner for reading and drinking your morning coffee as the sun shines in through the window for the ultimate princess vibe.

4. Disney blueprint

A mural of blueprints could be a great choice for those super-Disney fans out there who are interested in design and architecture. Choose some of the most iconic Disney structures to feature on your wall for a cool design.

5. The world is made of faith and trust and pixie dust

This Peter Pan-themed bedroom can make anyone feel as though they're sleeping in the clouds. The beautiful mural spans across the wall and over the ceiling, creating a peaceful design. 

6. Seven dwarves

Don't know where to put all your Disney knick-knacks? Create a shelving unit to put them all on display. You can even stick to a theme, like this Snow White, seven dwarves theme. 

7. Red, white, and black

Everyone knows the traditional colors of Minnie and Mickey Mouse. If you implement red, black, and white colors with some polka dots across your space, most people should understand the Disney theme you're going for.

8. Mickey Mouse everywhere

When it comes to designing a children's room, it's easier to go all out. This Mickey Mouse bedroom is adorable, and traces of him are everywhere: on the rug, drapes, bed, and walls.

9. Mickey mirror

This adorable Mickey Mouse-shaped mirror is a very nice addition to this small bathroom. It's cute and subtle for Disney fans who don't want the theme to be too prominent.

10. Front door décor

Create a friendly and welcoming entrance with Mickey and Minnie Mouse! This is a fun way to introduce the pair to your guests as they walk into your magical home.

11. Disney plush wall

When visiting Disney World, we all love those walls full of plush characters to choose from. This assembly is reminiscent of visiting a Disney store and choosing your favorite character. It is an especially fun arrangement as every similar color is placed with each other.

12. Boo!

The design of this Monsters Inc door is simple and sweet. You can easily use pink tape and floral stickers to create this look and invite fluffy kitties into your room.

13. Black and white

This is a smart take on when Mickey Mouse was produced in only black and white. It is also a great design for those who prefer monochromatic décor rather than super colorful ones.

14. Mug collections

Mug collections — most of us have one. Filling an entire cabinet full of Disney mugs is a delightful way of showing off your collection; this way, your kitchen cabinets aren't taken over by some of our furry friends like Pluto.

15. Disney entry

This is for all those super fans out there; it takes a lot of dedication and work to build and frame a doorway like this. But, having a fantasy-world entry can make anyone feel as if they're at Disney World every day.

16. Stained glass window

This is a beautiful and elegant way to incorporate Mickey and Minnie Mouse into your home. Stain glass is always wonderful for your front door, as it lets in plenty of natural light.

17. Disney landscaping

This landscaping is out of this world. The Mickey Mouse fountain is such an amazing home feature that it's hard to take your eyes off of it. The green grass around it serves as a nice background to really make Mickey's face pop.

18. Kitchen mural

This mural of Disney friends creates a happy atmosphere for you and your family as your hang out in the kitchen. Placing a dining table or bench area below the mural will be enjoyable for your family at dinnertime.

19. Hidden Mickey

Ever heard of Hidden Mickeys? At Disney World, they've placed several Mickey Mouse-looking shapes across all the parks as a fun way to scout them out. This design sort of has this effect. It looks like Mickey Mouse, but it could also just be a bunch of circles. It's a great minimalistic design for your outdoor staircase.

20. Contemporary princess frames

This room with wainscoting going up the wall is made complete with these golden frames holding sketches of Disney princesses. They're light and dainty, creating a contemporary design. 

21. Wallpaper for the win

Don't be afraid to use wallpaper to complete a design or even various wallpapers. This design was created to look like the library from Beauty and the Beast, and the differing wallpaper and furniture have turned out to be quite the eccentric décor you never knew you needed.

22. Disney garden

This Mickey Mouse garden has been beautifully created with white bricks, mulch, and little red flowers. With time and effort, you could pull this off in your own garden as well.

23. Sleepytime with Bambi

This Bambi-themed bedroom looks like something out of a children's book. Rustic elements such as shiplap walls and wooden bed frames complete the look.

24. Custom-made designs

This dining table appears to be custom-made to fit into a Disney theme. Creating tailored furniture not only allows you to design each inch of it but also ensures that the piece is unique to your home only.

25. Start them young

If you're an ultra Disney fan, then your kids have gotta be, too; otherwise, it's just weird. So decorating a baby room, especially with a specific theme like Up, can be easy and enjoyable for your child. This space has everything from an area rug to dresser knobs in multiple colors to plush toys of popular characters.

26. Subtle entryway

Many people like to fill their entryways with tables, rugs, and art. This home has done all that, but with a Mickey Mouse theme. The dark and neutral colors blend and compliment the hues of the rest of the space and make it seem as though they've been incorporated into the entire home's design.

27. Star Wars for the brave

Some people tend to forget that Disney owns Star Wars. But not these people. This bunk bed and the overall bedroom design are intense on so many levels. Creating a space like this will make your Star Wars little fans feel out of this world.

28. A bedroom fit for royalty

The blue canopy, crystal chandelier, decorative motifs, and pink drapery say it all — this room is meant for someone of royal descent. This bedroom is elegant and the best space for your child to grow up and explore what Disney has to offer.

29. Epcot ceiling

The Epcot park at Disney World is beloved by many fans because of all the countries they can visit and learn about. When people see Epcot, they say they want to travel worldwide, so this design can serve as a memory of all your good times at the park, like eating churros and sipping saki.

30. Sleep tight

This Haunted Mansion-themed bedroom is perfect for those who aren't scared of things that go bump in the night. The cobwebs and candlestick holder are a nice touch to give you that old mansion feels, while the bedding and headboard provide a chic gothic look.