House Digest Survey: What Is The Best Material For Dining Chairs?

Sitting around a dining room table with your loved ones should be a heartwarming experience as you enjoy meals together and share daily stories. During this time, conversations shouldn't be interrupted by creaking chairs, and you surely don't want to worry about your seat slowly deteriorating beneath you. So, if you're unsure what material your dining chairs should be, don't worry, House Digest has conducted a survey asking participants what material they prefer. We gave them six options: wood, leather, plastic, upholstered, metal, and wicker.

It's important for your dining chairs to be made of good quality materials because not only will it make your dining experience more comfortable, but they are typically easier to clean, more stylish, longer lasting, and can better accommodate a variety of people, explains Only Dining Chairs. So if you're thinking of giving your dining room a fresh look with some new chairs, check out the material favored most by the respondents of our survey.


Out of 606 respondents, an astounding 63.70% (386 people) chose wood as the material they prefer for their dining chairs, according to our survey. This comes as no surprise since wooden dining chairs have so many benefits, such as durability and easy maintenance, notes Furnish Plus. Wood is typically a very strong material, and can handle everyday use. If in the past you've noticed the constant need to replace your dining chairs, it may be time to switch to wood, which is known to have a longer lifespan.

Furnish Plus also says dining chairs made of wood are easy to clean and care for. As long as your chairs have the right coating on them, this should prevent any damage from fungus or termites. Homeowners commonly use borate wood treatment to protect their furniture, because it protects both the surface of the wood, as well as the interior composition, which elevates its overall strength, according to DoMyOwn.


In addition, 15.18% (92 people) chose upholstered chairs. Upholstered chairs are stylish and come in many different colors and patterns. They are an easy way to add some interest to a neutrally decorated dining room and can elevate the design of the overall space. Circle Furniture says you should consider incorporating upholstered dining chairs if you have a lot of wood or metal decor, as it can help soften the overall design.

However, Circle Furniture also says families with young children should also be wary of upholstered dining chairs — otherwise, you may put yourself in a situation where you're constantly cleaning up accidental spills. But on the bright side, there are chairs with high-upholstered fabrics that claim to make cleaning easier.

The following are the other options from most to least amount of votes: Leather with 73 votes (12.05%), metal with 27 votes (4.46%), plastic with 24 votes (3.96%), and wicker with 4 votes (0.66%).