How To Decorate Your Home When You Paint Your Walls Black

While it may seem uber-gothic and slightly dark, black rooms are pretty popular right now. Contrary to popular belief, black paint doesn't necessarily make a room seem smaller, and Homeworks Painting agrees. For one thing, lighting matters when it comes to how big or small a room looks. How you decorate your black room is also important when it comes to its perceived size. Plus, the way you decorate it can either make it look like the abode of a vampiress or a stylish space for someone who enjoys modern trends. 

If you've ever set foot in a well-lighted and decorated black room in someone's home, you may have felt it was cozy rather than confining. Before you shy away from trying out this darkest tone on your walls, we have some tips on décor that will assist you in ensuring your finished space feels more like a warm hug than a dirty dungeon.

Don't forget the ceiling

There are pros and cons to continuing the black trend to your ceiling. Black walls with black ceilings give the illusion that there is no end to the room that you're in, while black ceilings alone have a distinct stopping point at the color of your walls. The Journal says that darker ceilings can actually make rooms look larger, at least when it comes to height. This cavern-like effect will keep things from feeling too tight in your dark space, while a white ceiling with dark walls could have the opposite effect.

No matter what you decide to do with the ceiling, when painting a room all black, you definitely need to consider how to handle that portion of the room — not only can it affect the feel and lighting in the room, but you also want to consider the décor you'll be bringing in.

Lighting is important

With the wrong lighting, your black room (especially if you opted for a black ceiling) will look like a giant box of nothingness. Of course, you can add colorful furniture and décor, which will brighten things up, but it'll still be hard to see all of those things if you're not integrating ample light into the space.

Rentals has a few magnificent ideas to help bring more light into dark rooms, including using mirrors to reflect more of the light you do have, letting in more natural light, and using light-colored lampshades. Of course, the perfect lighting for your space also means adding in different levels of lighting, meaning you'll want some overhead lighting, as well as lighting at lower levels in the home, such as on end tables. Overhead lights give the whole room some light, but in a dark space, it might not be enough to read by while lounging on the couch.

Pair it with the right colors

Technically, they say in the fashion world that black goes well with almost anything. Of course, some folks say you should take care when pairing black and brown together, and they used to say you should avoid mixing navy blue with black. These days, all bets are off. Black is absolutely versatile in clothing and home décor. However, you'll want to pick colors that are swallowed in the abyss of your black room.

That's where Design Wizard comes in with some excellent black pairings, including white, blazing yellow, orange, cherry tomato, dark green, and pink yarrow. Combining black with white décor will add sophistication to the room, while orange will surely strike a Halloween vibe. Yellows, oranges, pinks, and reds all come with sunny, romantic, fall vibes. If you want more of a dark feel, without being too dark, the green option should be your go-to, which also adds an earthy feel to the space.

Add texture to the space

Maria Killam says that texture is an important key to creating a black room that feels like a comfortable oasis. It adds softness to the space, so quilted blankets, furry pillows, and shag rugs make perfect bedroom accents. In the living room, look for texture lamp shades and accent pillows. Even curtains with textured fabrics can add something different to the room and make the space feel more open. 

Multi-Trade Building Services says that of the many ways you can add texture to a room, some of the best choices include adding things like crown molding, using paint techniques that add texture right to your walls or ceiling, and incorporating detailed baseboards. These design additions offer something more permanent than your basic décor. You can add texture high or low, bringing more life to the space. However, too much black can make a black-painted room feel flat and lifeless. 

Bring in natural elements

Need more life in your black room, still? If the pops of color, essential lighting, and added texture aren't enough (or don't fit your aesthetic in some way), try adding some natural elements to the space to brighten things up. Whether you opt for a vase of red roses or prefer some live plants and trees, these additions will add color and whimsy to the space.

While homedesignlover points out the many benefits of adding live plants to your home décor, like reducing stress and softening the space, you want to consider the fact that your dark room isn't going to offer as much light to plants that a lighter-colored room would, even if you have some windows facing in the perfect direction. Check out The Pioneer Woman's list of best plants for your home if you have only low light to offer them — that should help you find just the right plants to breathe some life into your black rooms.