5 Fun Ways To Upcycle Your Old Vinyl Records As Home Decor

DIY projects account for some pretty stellar home design outcomes, especially when using old vinyl records. You can turn them into an artsy gallery wall, or, as YouTuber Life of Fallon explains, you can put the vinyl records in the oven at 250 degrees Fahrenheit and then mold them into objects, including bird feeders and bowls.

In fact, HGTV's Ben and Erin Napier of "Home Town Takeover" showed the world how to make a bookend look more exciting on a basic bookshelf using old vinyl records during the Drew Barrymore show, so there are so many options available when it comes to upcycling these relics.

Looking to take on this fun project of making a one-of-a-kind home decor item out of your old records? Keep scrolling to get inspired by five fun ways to upcycle your vinyl records and turn them into fantastic decor items that will make anyone notice!

Make the coolest gallery wall with your favorite records

If you have a musician you admire, proudly display their records on a gallery wall instead of going with the usual artwork. Whether you are a fan of Madonna or Prince, pick up some of their top albums for an art wall that would definitely be the focal point of any room. You could also just go for a random selection of records for your gallery wall.

YouTuber Maximizing Minimalism has some great tips, such as checking garage sales or eBay (after you've asked your friends and family, of course!) for old cheap records that generally cost around $0.50 to a dollar, so this idea is definitely a creative way to have an art wall for an affordable price. If you're wondering how you actually adhere the records to the wall, Maximizing Minimalism uses push pins, which is great if you live in an apartment and need a way to easily remove them without leaving a bunch of giant holes in the wall.

Create a DIY vinyl record cupcake stand

Music and dessert lovers can rejoice because we have some pretty great inspo for creating a unique record cupcake stand fashioned from your old vinyl record stash. If you have scratched records that no longer work, this is the best remedy to make a nice-looking cupcake stand that will be the talk of any themed birthday party or family gathering, from reunions to holidays.

YouTuber Rachel Ward shows us how easy it is to DIY one of these record cake stands on her channel. First, you'll want to gather two regular-sized records and one smaller size, a can of spray paint from your local hardware store, some test tubes, and a hot glue gun. Next, you can follow along on Ward's YouTube channel to see how you assemble it, and voila, you have yourself one of the most unique dessert displays around!

Make a unique bird feeder out of your old vinyl records

It turns out the sky's the limit when it comes to creating unique decor items for your home using upcycled vinyl records. The YouTube channel BeyondBracelets shows off several ideas, including a unique bird feeder. The old records were melted and configured in a unique shape for the top and bottom of the feeder, and then the homeowner used an old liquor bottle to hold the bird seeds, which is a brilliant idea if you ask us. So whether you're a whiskey, vodka, or wine drinker, we recommend saving your bottles to do a copycat style for your own bird feeder. However, if DIYing isn't your thing, we've found several types for sale on sites like Etsy, so that's an excellent option as well.

To make your backyard a bird-watching oasis, create a comfortable seating area with sofas and outdoor chairs, where you can sit back, relax, and watch the birds flock to your DIY bird feeder.

Make a unique mirror

Get creative with your mirror with a unique DIY style that could be a great way to welcome guests by hanging it in an entryway. Alternatively, it could serve as the final checkpoint before you leave the house to ensure your look is on point. We found this gem of an idea on the DIY Inspiration YouTube channel. For this decor item, start collecting smaller records, look for a plain circular mirror, and get to work positioning your vinyl records around the perimeter. This eye-popping design would also be a beautiful focal point for a bedroom (right above the bed) or a living area. 

Another reason to choose this project is if you live in a tiny city apartment, or have small spaces in your home. This is because mirrors are an excellent way to create the illusion that your room is larger than it actually is, as per Mirror City.

Create a unique vinyl record bowl

Who needs to make a stop at Target when you can use your old records to DIY the coolest bowls? YouTuber Life of Fallon shows how easy it is to do. You simply need to heat up your oven to 250 degrees Fahrenheit, find an oven-safe bowl, set the record on top of it, put it in the oven, and wait for it to start to warp so that you can create the bowl.

The Guardian says the process can take about 10 minutes for the bowl to be ready to mold. The outlet also notes that if you have created your design and feel like it didn't quite come out how you want it, you can start the process over, which is excellent to know if you think your technique could use some work! The bowls are suitable for holding items like fruit or even non-food items like keys or knick-knacks.