15 Tiny Home Bathrooms That Prove You Can Live Large In A Small Floor Plan

Housing prices have sky-rocketed due in part to inflation and because more people have sought the comfort and security of home ownership. But that means there are fewer properties available than ever, so first-time home buyers have to get creative. Enter the tiny house movement. Tiny houses appeal to a staggering number of first-time homeowners due to their affordability and eco-friendliness, says Business Insider. But a lot of people have a knee-jerk reaction to these small buildings, wondering how anyone could live happily and comfortably in so little square footage (the average tiny house is just 225 square feet per Porch), especially when it comes to the bathroom. We're here to say it can be done and can be done in style!

Creating a beautiful but practical bathroom in a tiny house is tricky, and there is no one-size fits all solution. For some owners, a full-size tub or shower is still a must, so they make adjustments elsewhere. Others would rather sacrifice shower space for a bigger vanity. But we've gathered some of the best tiny house bathroom designs to get you inspired and show that you really can have all your wishlist needs in a tiny house bathroom.

1. Don't skim on artwork

Create unique wall art with custom wood art or a mural to elongate the space and add beauty to the area without taking up any precious space in the bathroom. 

2. Ruthlessly prioritize

Decide what is most important to you in your tiny bathroom, and don't feel like you need to sacrifice luxury. A full-size bathtub is totally doable in a small room as long as you can get creative with the layout.

3. Splurge on the finishes

Since you're saving a bundle by building out a tiny home, have room in the budget for some high-end finishes like brass hardware or a countertop basin sink. 

4. Don't shy away from a handcrafted touch

This owner couldn't pass up a deal for free terracotta tiles when they saw them up on Facebook Marketplace. They decided to cut them into smaller square tiles, which led to perfectly imperfect shower tiling. This actually adds a ton of rustic charm to the bathroom. 

5. Keep it simple

Sometimes leaving things in their raw form is best. Beech and ash wood have light, almost pink hues that are soft, feminine, and natural — a gorgeous material to build out your tiny bathroom.

6. Don't forget to feng shui

Try bringing feng shui principles into your tiny bathroom to make it a mini sanctuary. Stone, glass, plants, wood, and water all make for a luxurious washroom. 

7. Get creative on bathroom finishes

Forgo the traditional countertop in your tiny bathroom. Because you're working with such a small space, you can use a more high-end material for the vanity, like a natural wood log. 

8. Chic in shiplap

White shiplap planks can brighten a small space, and the horizontal lines make the room feel longer and more spacious. These additions will make the bathroom the crown jewel of your home.

9. Use full-size features

Outfitting your bathroom with a full-size toilet, shower, vanity, and sink actually doesn't make your tiny bathroom feel smaller as long as you are thoughtful with the floor plan.

10. Add an accent wall

Again, it is way more feasible to add a customized, DIY accent wall in a small bathroom than a big one, both cash- and time-wise. 

11. Get curvy with it

While the contemporary design has definitely pushed clean lines and right angles, we can't help but love the rounded features of a classic bathtub and vanity, especially in a tiny bathroom.

12. Snug is fine

You don't need tons of empty space in your bathroom as long as you can comfortably walk, groom, and get out of the shower or tub. So go ahead and nestle that vanity right along the tub — you won't miss the space.

13. Think micro

While this is a super small bathroom, even by tiny house measure, this homeowner found that it's all they need. The luxury shower head and ease of maintenance make it perfect for their family.

14. Fill every corner

To make your tiny bathroom work with a full-size shower, look for a rounded corner shower that will snugly fit. Just be prepared to lose a little floor space to the rounded doors, or just get a shower curtain instead of glass doors. 

15. Showerheads make all the difference

Nobody wants their bathroom to feel like a cramped motel, even if it's tiny. Installing a rainfall showerhead or just a great spa jet sprayer in the shower can give your mini bathroom a major upgrade.