5 Best Dupes For Restoration Hardware's Cloud Sofa

You've heard whispers of it on the internet. You've spotted it in impeccably curated homes. You may have even felt its pillowy cushions. The Restoration Hardware cloud sofa has developed a reputation for its out-of-this-world softness, and it's no surprise why. Instead of the foam and spring combo that couch cushions are typically made of, the cloud sofa features a mixture of foam, poly fiber, and feathers to provide the perfect balance of stiffness and comfort. It's like lounging on a giant, deep-seated pillow. What more could you want? Turns out a lot.

Restoration Hardware's downsides are its hefty price tags, per Spadone Home, and the cloud sofa is no exception. One section of the famous couch will run you over $2000 if you're a non-member, quickly adding up to over $10,000 once you gather enough pieces for a reasonably-sized sofa. Luckily, there are alternatives. Keep reading to explore dupes that will give you the sought-after look and feel of the cloud within a more reasonable budget.

1. IKEA FINNALA sofa with chaise

This FINNALA Sofa from IKEA is the most reasonably-priced dupe on the list, coming in at $1,499. It has the same modern appearance and clean lines as the cloud sofa and is an easy way to get a similar look and shape without the same price tag. This sofa has also been growing popular on its own, regardless of the dupe status, because it's so highly customizable. IKEA carries a variety of interchangeable sections so you can build precisely the couch you're looking for.

This couch, however, doesn't have quite the same luxe factor as the cloud sofa. Its cushions have the typical spring and foam build, so they lean more firm, but if you're looking to copy the look, this may be a good option. It also comes with some added benefits that make it a bit more functional for a typical home, namely storage in the chaise and removable, machine-washable covers on the seats.

2. West Elm Harmony modular sectional

The West Elm Harmony modular sectional is the closest dupe to the cloud sofa available. It has the same down cushions, soft feel, and deep seat as the famous sofa, but it comes at about half the price as the original. Purchasing enough sections to build a full-size couch at Restoration Hardware costs about $10,000, but this would run you about $5,000. It's still fairly pricey for a couch, but if you're gunning for that luxury look and feel, that's to be expected.

The West Elm sectional is all about customizability, and the website includes a helpful builder to guide you through selecting sections that will work together. Pieces range from $499 to $2,799 currently and feature the typical corners, chaises, and options for additional storage and pull-out mattresses, a feature that the cloud sofa lacks. The cushion covers aren't removable, so it's important to stay mindful of dirt and spills, but a dupe like this at half the price is a great way to save money.

3. Ever Slipcovered Sofa by Leanne Ford

If you're looking for a similar style to the Cloud but working with a smaller space that doesn't need a full sectional, something like the Ever Slipcovered Sofa by Leanne Ford might be up your alley. It's about 7½ feet wide, so it's long enough to sit multiple people or lay across, but it's a more compact option than a multi-piece sectional and chaise.

This sofa will run you $1,839 currently, cheaper than buying a single section of the Cloud, but it has the same down and foam combination that makes the viral couch so appealing. The look is a bit more casual with no exposed legs and a light linen slipcover, but it falls into the same minimalistic, natural category as the Restoration Hardware option. The cover is also water and stain-resistant and machine washable, so you can keep the bright white fabric looking pristine.

4. Crate & Barrel Lotus Deep Low Sofa

If the linen slipcover look is too casual, Crate&Barrel offers another option like this Lotus Deep Low Sofa. It has a more structured look, split cushions, and flange detailing to keep everything looking crisp, but it contains the same downmix as the Cloud for a soft and luxurious feel. The two-seat option is about seven and a half feet long, and it has a depth of 39.5 inches, like the original Reformation Hardware couch, so you can sit back and sink into the cushions.

This couch is available at Crate&Barrel for $2,299, but it also comes in more extended, three or four-seat sectional options if you're still looking for something larger to fill your space. Bigger options are still a steal compared to the Cloud, maxing out at $4,697 for a four-seat, 13-foot-long couch, but none of the sizes are customizable or include a chaise section.

5. Meridian Plush Standard Cloud Modular Sectional

This couch is like the Cloud Sofa in everything, including its name. For about $4,115, this Meridian Plush Standard Cloud Sectional promises a similar fluffy comfort and includes the trademark down cushions that are so popular. Instead of the cotton or linen options that the Restoration Hardware couch comes in, Meridian has opted for a soft velvet cover, creating a feel that's more plush than structured. This sectional also brings the same large size as the original. The whole family can comfortably lounge in their area with two chaise sections and oversized seats.

The Restoration Hardware Cloud Sofa may be taking the internet by storm, but you don't have to shell out $10,000 to get the look and feel of the famous couch. Instead of giving in to the original, explore other options with the same benefits — it may not be worth paying several thousand extra dollars just for a brand name.