Fall In Love With Daniela Jordan-Villaveces' Latin-Inspired Designs You Can Get At Target

Hispanic Heritage Month runs from September 15 to October 15, and fan-favorite shopping destination Target has decided to use its platform to highlight a collection of five Latin artists in their winding aisles and extensive online catalog in celebration. Each of these designers incorporates their unique experience as a Hispanic American — from Jen White-Johnson's Afro-Latina roots to Jackie Rivera's retro looks that pull from her Mexican heritage — in the collection.

Daniela Jordan-Villaveces, another artist featured in the collection, was born in Bogota, Colombia, and pulls inspiration from her time living in The United States, Colombia, and Holland to create her colorful designs (via Wall for Apricots). She features vibrant shades and bold patterns in her art, and this collaboration with Target is no exception. Keep reading to see some of our top picks from Jordan-Villaveces's designs for the brand, and celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month by supporting this diverse collection of designers and small businesses.

Melamine Serving Bowl

This serving bowl is an explosion of bold colors and patterns that are sure to add a fun touch to dinner time. It can hold 148 ounces, making it the perfect size for family-style dining. Think salads, side dishes, or even displaying fruit when it's not in use during meal time. The minimal white exterior of the bowl allows it to blend in with any table setting, but the bright interior featuring a Mexican art print designed by Daniela Jordan-Villaveces adds a fun twist that's sure to make a statement and bring some color to dinner.

Instead of the typical ceramic or flimsy plastic often used in dinnerware, this bowl is made of melamine. Melamine is an incredibly durable material that's resistant to scratches and breaks, but it still gives off the look of ceramic or china without the risk factor and high price tag (via Web Restaurant Store). It's a more economical option that will still last — win, win.

Mujeres Poderosas Notebook

The four women on the cover of this notebook celebrate the diversity within the Latin American community, and the metallic text serves as a reminder — you are a powerful woman. It's a functional boost of confidence that can act as a companion for work, school, or daily tasks, and the internal design of the pages was created to help you organize and plan your day.

This notebook features college-ruled pages that cleanly rip out if necessary, a large metal spiral to avoid annoying catches as you flip through, and a hard cover to protect your pages while it's in a backpack or purse. Each page also includes a blank back for doodling, drawings, or miscellaneous ideas that need to be jotted down on a whim, topped with a subtle reminder to "draw it out." Many school and office supplies make you choose between style and functionality, but this notebook is a combination of both.

Woven Dog and Cat Shirt

How could we forget our furry friends? This woven shirt features one of Daniela Jordan-Villaveces's designs and button and collar details to have your pet celebrating in style. It's available in sizes from extra small to extra large, so it's made to fit both cats and dogs of any size. They also sell shirts in this print for people, so your whole family can match in the colorful pattern — if you can convince your pet to don an outfit, that is.

Jordan-Villaces is only one of many featured designers in Target's Hispanic Heritage Month celebration collection, and each brings unique perspectives and influences to their designs. Next time you find yourself wandering the aisles of the massive store with a handful of items you didn't intend to buy, take some time to check out the full display and experience the work of Latin artists from across the country.