Try This Closet Organization Trend For The Most Aesthetically Pleasing Look

Are you excited to open your closet in the morning, or do the piles of clothes fill you with dressing dread? According to retailer Organized Interiors, 25% of American women feel their closet is messy or disorganized, and 10% even feel depressed when looking at their closet. If you're looking for a simple closet organization method that will lift your spirits, the rainbow method may be perfect for you!

Organizing items by color is nothing new, but recently, the full rainbow spectrum has become a popular trend in home design. Walk into any trend-savvy homeowner's living room, and you'll find Instagram-worthy bookshelves, magazines, and décor organized by color. Rainbow organizing looks great in busy areas, but it can be especially satisfying in small spaces like closets. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing to the eye, going rainbow may be able to save you time, money, and stress while getting dressed. 

Benefits of organizing by color

Hanging your clothing in rainbow order may seem like a daunting task, but it's well worth it to make your morning routine much easier. When every item has it's place, you can quickly find your favorite pieces. When your favorite T-shirt is in the wash, rainbow organization makes it easy to browse similar items, and it may inspire you to play with new color combinations. Analogous colors are colors that lie next to each other on the spectrum, and according to Color Psychology, they create a sense of balance and harmony when worn together. Next time you reach for a green shirt, pair it with a nearby shade of yellow or blue.

If you notice some gaps in your closet rainbow, don't panic. Every rainbow will look unique, so take a moment to assess. MasterClass explains that one of the easiest ways to gauge your personal style is by simply looking into your closet. Which colors make you feel happy? Do you own more pastels or jewel tones? Are there more solids, neutrals, or patterns in your wardrobe? Understanding your personal style will help you to spend less money in the future on clothes you won't wear. 

How to make a rainbow in your closet

Before diving into your closet, you'll need to recall some grade-school lessons. Remember that the order of colors in the rainbow spectrum is ROYGBIV: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. Simply group each clothing piece together by colors, then move on to the next color in the ROYGBIV spectrum. Not all colors and patterns fit neatly into a category, so don't be afraid to play around until you find the perfect spot for each item. Some people start with red as the first color grouping in their closet, but you can start with any color. In fact, starting with and seeing more of your favorite color may increase your closet happiness, according to How Stuff Works.

If you really want to get fancy, or you have a lot of clothing, organize each color section by sleeve length or season. The shirt rack in your closet might look like this: blue long sleeves, blue short sleeves, violet long sleeves, violet short sleeves, red long sleeves, red short sleeves, etc. The simplest way to organize your neutrals is by keeping them together at one end of your closet and organizing them from dark to light as best as possible. When laundry day comes around, a rainbow closet makes it easy to hang items back where they belong.