Kitchen Items At Bed Bath & Beyond That Have The Worst Reviews

Bed Bath & Beyond is known for its wide selection of products for the home. If you've ever stepped into its storefront location or browsed through its website, you probably already know that it offers practically anything one would need to outfit a kitchen. One quick glance around the store's kitchen section, and you're likely to see cookware, glassware, cutlery, storage containers, a wide assortment of tools and gadgets, and so much more.

Many kitchen items sold by Bed Bath & Beyond come from well-known manufacturers and boast hundreds or even thousands of positive reviews. However, mixed in with some of these high-quality and popular products for the kitchen are a few that customers feel don't make the cut. These products have been given poor reviews by shoppers, making one question whether they're worth trying out. Read on to learn which Bed Bath & Beyond products you may want to avoid the next time you swing by the store or shop online.

How the products with the worst reviews were selected

Bed Bath & Beyond's website offers a range of filter options that can help you narrow down the product selection to find exactly what you're looking for — or, in this case, what you may not want to look for when shopping. To identify the products with the worst reviews, we started by using the "Ratings" filter option to weed out some of the more popular products. We focused on items with a rating under 4 stars.

While hundreds of products matched these search criteria, we ignored products that only had a handful of reviews. This helped ensure that the reviews weren't skewed by just a few lone negative experiences. We only considered products that had at least 50 reviews. This helped provide more confidence that the products we selected were given subpar ratings by several customers.

After whittling down the list by looking at the average star rating and the total number of reviews, we also referenced reviews from other retailers for the same or similar products. This helped us assess the overall satisfaction of a wider sampling of customers. Finally, we also evaluated the materials and overall design of the products. We considered how these materials or design features compare with alternative options to help us offer clear recommendations for better alternatives when applicable.

As when shopping for any other product online, remember that it is important to use your own critical thinking to evaluate reviews. The Federal Trade Commission shares several tips for evaluating reviews, checking for accuracy, and weeding out products with fake reviews. Some of these tips include looking for more recent reviews, identifying whether there has been a huge uptick in the number of reviews over a short period, and looking up other reviews written by the reviewer to see if they seem trustworthy or overly critical.

Nutri Chopper Kitchen Slicer & Chopper

With over 250 customer ratings, the Nutri Chopper has only earned a 3.3-star rating on Bed Bath & Beyond's website. Many customers who gave these poor ratings said it was not sharp enough to cut through most foods easily. They shared that they had to apply a lot of pressure to get the blades to slice all the way through what they were cutting. Some other negative reviews point to the small size of the cutting surface. Customers were frustrated with how much pre-cutting and slicing they had to do to get their foods to fit in the food holder.

While this chopper has a slightly higher review on Amazon (3.8 out of 5), many customers were still critical of its quality or performance, saying it isn't sharp enough to cut through foods easily and can be challenging to use. The box for this product displays the "As Seen on TV" logo. As Seen on TV has an F rating from the Better Business Bureau. This is the lowest rating the BBB has and adds another reason why you may not want to purchase this product. According to the BBB, As Seen on TV received the F rating due to failing to respond to 16 customer complaints and failing to resolve the underlying problems that resulted in a pattern of complaints.

CRUX Artisan Series EasyBrew Coffee Maker

Out of over 90 reviewers on Bed Bath & Beyond's website, only 40% said they would recommend the CRUX Artisan Series EasyBrew Coffee Maker to someone in the market for a new coffee maker. The average of all the reviews was 3 stars, with over 30% of reviewers giving it just 1 star.

The concept behind the coffee maker is intriguing. It offers the ability to brew a whole pot of coffee or a single cup using K-cups. This allows for more flexibility as individuals prepare their morning coffee based on how much they plan to drink and whether they are sharing it with others in the home or office. However, while the design seems appealing, some customers shared complaints about the single-cup brewer. They said that it isn't compatible with all K-cups and that it overflows or leaks out of the base.

Other customers noted there were coffee grounds in their brewed pot or cup of coffee. According to Consumer Reports, this is a problem you may experience if the coffee maker needs cleaning. However, one shouldn't expect it to happen right out of the box with a new product.

Our Table 5-Piece Acacia Wood Utensil Set

The Wood Work Place highlights several reasons why acacia wood is an excellent material to use when making cooking utensils. It is durable, rot-resistant, and long-lasting. Moreover, Woolly Green shares that acacia wood is sustainable. The trees grow quickly in various soil types, and pesticides and fertilizers are rarely needed when growing this particular wood.

With all these benefits, one might assume that the 5-Piece Acacia Wood Utensil Set from Our Table is a great buy. However, based on the low 3.5-star rating from over 50 Bed Bath & Beyond customers, that doesn't look to be the case. Reviewers noted several complaints about the utensil set. One very common complaint was that the pieces had an unpleasant odor. Others say that their utensils broke or were chipped after only a few uses.

According to New Hampshire Bowl and Board, there are several reasons that wooden utensils may fall apart. These include poor quality, washing them in the dishwasher, not drying the utensil immediately after washing them, and improper handling and use. It is difficult to diagnose precisely which of these reasons caused the Our Table utensil set to break. While it could be due to user error, so many negative reviews for a product can make you wonder whether the breakage was due to poor craftsmanship.

KitchenAid 5-Quart Tilt-Head Mixer Glass Bowl with Lid

KitchenAid is generally seen as a trusted name in the industry. However, sometimes individual products from the top companies can still miss the mark. The KitchenAid 5-Quart Tilt-Head Mixer Glass Bowl with Lid only has a 2.7-star rating on Bed Bath & Beyond's website, with over 300 customer reviews. Only 33% of customers leaving a review indicated that they would recommend the bowl.

One of the main complaints cited by customers related to how easily the bowl broke. In many of these instances, the individuals were using the bowl to mix, removing it from the dishwasher, or just lifting it — all considered normal product use. Reviews at Crate & Barrel echo those from Bed Bath & Beyond, with customers pointing to the same quality and durability issues. With more than 300 reviews at Crate & Barrel, the bowl only received a 2.8-star rating, nearly identical to the rating on Bed Bath & Beyond's website.

However, there are some cons of choosing a glass mixing bowl over a stainless steel one. In addition to being heavier, glass bowls are easier to break. This is something to consider if you're shopping for a new mixing bowl. However, several glass mixing bowls are much more highly rated, such as the Pyrex 3-Piece Mixing Bowl Set on Bed Bath & Beyond's website. It may be more of a product fluke with this specific glass bowl than with the entire category.

OXO Good Grips Chopper

According to the rating snapshot from Bed Bath & Beyond, the OXO Good Grips Chopper earned just a 3.3-star rating, with only slightly more than 50% of users saying they would recommend it to someone. The complaints against the chopper didn't center around one flaw, as we've seen with some other products. Rather, they covered a relatively wide range of topics, including that the chopper is difficult to use, challenging to clean, and that it doesn't last as long as other similar models they've tried.

Other customers lamented about the smaller capacity of the food holder. With its smaller capacity, customers shared that they had to pre-cut larger food items before they would fit. According to shoppers, if the chopping cup was overfilled, the blades also weren't as effective at cutting through all the food. These complaints point to one of the advantages of food processors over food choppers, as explained by KitchenAid. Food processors have a larger capacity than choppers, allowing individuals to chop more with each batch. The capacity of a food processor can span a wide range depending on the model (typically between 6 and 16 cups). Even a food processor with a 6-cup capacity will hold significantly more than the 1-cup food holder on the OXO Good Grips Chopper.

Customers who purchased the chopper from Target or Kohl's noted similar complaints to those of Bed Bath & Beyond customers. The chopper only earned a 2.8-star rating at Target and a 3.2-star rating at Kohl's.

Our Table 10-Piece Stainless Steel Cookware Set

Bed Bath & Beyond customers who purchased the Our Table 10-Piece Stainless Steel Cookware Set have complained about the handles coming off or the covers over the rivets holding the handles in place popping off. The set — which has 48 reviews on Bed Bath & Beyond's website — only has a 2.8-star rating, with half of the reviews being just 1-star. Bed Bath & Beyond sells multiple other Our Table stainless steel cookware pieces, and most of these items have higher ratings than this set. However, the Our Table 12-Inch Stainless Steel Fry Pan has a comparably low rating of 3.2 stars, with multiple customers citing issues with the rivet covers coming off.

It is not typical for the rivets securing a handle to a piece of cookware to pop off, but this is not the only product line impacted by this safety hazard. As The Wall Street Journal reported, approximately 121,000 Martha Steward cookware sets were recalled by Macy's in 2015. Several customers reported that the rivets on the 8- and 10-inch frying pans popped off. This defect led to three customers experiencing minor injuries, including welts, burns, and bruises.